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Karla News

Samsung HM1000 Bluetooth Headset Review

Bluetooth headsets have come a long way from the clunky, hard to hear devices of the past. For those who are accustomed to full-size headsets and wired connections, you may look at this little device and think that there is no way it will perform to your satisfaction! Having tried Bluetooth headsets in the past ...

Karla News

Best Bluetooth Headsets for Business

It’s almost unanimously accepted nowadays that we can no longer run our personal lives with the use of a cell phone. The same holds true for business. We are in the need for instant communication. Even that is no longer enough. Many, especially in the world of business, have found that to improve efficiency, they ...

Karla News

Where to Buy Verizon Bluetooth Headsets

When I and my new wife combined our Verizon contracts into a “family share plan” last fall, we also acquired Bluetooth enabled cell phones. Neither of us had ever had these modern marvels before and, frankly, I figured we could never afford the Bluetooth headsets to go with them. I went looking, just out of ...