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Blue Back Square Restaurants in West Hartford, Connecticut

In the upscale New England town of West Hartford, Connecticut, the town center is filled with an array of charming boutiques, retail stores and restaurants. Since November 2007, it has also become home to the Blue Back Square shopping and dining area. This 550,000- square foot mixed- use development is named after the famous spelling ...

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The Top Three Pizza Restaurants in West Hartford, Connecticut

With over twenty pizza restaurants located in the town of West Hartford, Ct, choosing which one to order a pizza from, can sometimes be a difficult decision. In an effort to assist the hungry consumer who may be seeking just the right pizza place in West Hartford, here is a guide profiling the three top ...

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The Top Ten Movie Theaters in the Hartford, Connecticut Area

The Hartford, Connecticut area is home to a large number of movie theaters. Some of these movie theaters are large, chain- operated establishments, while others are smaller, Independently- owned venues that show a wide range of special- interest films. Presented here, is a guide which offers brief profiles of the top ten movie theaters located ...