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Roll Your Own Cigarettes – Cut Your Bad Habit Costs in Half!

How to cut your smoking costs to less then half! It’s easy and quick once you get into the habit.

Gone is the old time filter less cigarettes our dads and grand dads smoked. We the new generation can have ‘real cigarettes’ with a filter attached, which look like the real thing that every other smoker is smoking. The only difference is our cigarettes cost pennies apiece while theirs are costing them a quarter a piece.

Most major brands will cost a smoker 35-45 dollars for a carton. Let’s break that down a bit here as far as how much they really cost per cigarette. If we use that 45 dollar figure for a carton which is low by national estimates for the major brands and we have 200 cigarettes in a carton the cost per cigarette is 22 and a half cents. Now let’s try it the way I smoke. I can grab a can of loose tobacco and a box of tubes for 12 dollars and it will make 200 cigarettes (a carton). Divide the 12 dollars by 200 (cigarettes) and you can roll a cigarette for .06 cents. Not a bad deal. Look at the money you are saving. Would you rather pay 6 cents or 22 and half cents for a cigarette? Would you rather pay 45 a carton or 12 a carton? The answer is clear cut to me and a lot of other smokers who choose to roll their own cigarettes.

When cigarettes hit 30 dollars a carton and my ex was still living with us and we were going through 2 or 3 cartons a week we were wasting to much money. Imagine spending 90 a week on a bad habit? At today’s prices that would be 135 dollars a week for cigarettes! That’s when we cut it down and began rolling almost 10 years ago, and immediately we saved at least 60 dollars a week.

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I only smoke a carton a week and I am saving 33 bucks a week by roiling one carton.

Let me tell you that that extra 33 dollars a week comes in handy now that I am a single mom.

The price of rolling your own depends on the smoke shops in your location, but there are plenty of web sites which also sell loose tobacco. I am sure you will see how this way will save you money.

A lot of people will assume that this is a hard thing to do but it’s so easy that it can be done with practice. It won’t take long to master either. I can roll a pack of cigarettes in less then 10 minutes and that is on a slow day.

It’s easy & quick. When you are rolling your own you’ll have a little hand held machine which will inject the tobacco into a pre-made filter. You simply place tobacco into the hand held machine and press it down then you slide a filter on one end and then pulled the unit one way and you’ll have a cigarette in no time flat.

How can you save money like I do? Head over to your local smoke shop and ask them for a homemade cigarette rolling kit. This little kit has tobacco, tubes and a roller in it so you too can roll your own. Once you invest in the kit you’ll have a roller and next time you’ll only need to buy tobacco and tubes.

Rolling is easy. There’s a link at the bottom of this article and there’s a video on the site that shows you how easy it is to roll your own. Just follow the link and on the left hand side where you see the links to the site click on video and help link and a slide out menu will appear select zigzag 100mm slide injector to see this handy little machine in action.

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