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Review: Swivel Sweeper G2

Swivel Sweeper

This past weekend, my wife and I were doing some cleaning around the house (we bought a new mattress and were waiting for it to be delivered). During the cleaning process, I pulled out our carpet sweeper and began using it in the kitchen (our daughter was asleep and I didn’t want to use the vacuum); only to discover it wasn’t working as well as I would have liked it to have worked.

At this time, my wife reminded me we, at one time, were interested in buying the Swivel Sweeper G2 that we had seen advertisements for and recently saw for sale up the street at Walgreen’s. Frustrated with our current sweeper, I decided to go out and buy one that minute.

The price tag on the Swivel Sweeper G2 was a bit higher than I expected; $39.99. So, when I did buy it, I was hoping I was getting my money’s worth. After using it, I do like the product. But, I do think the price was a bit too high.

I got the sweeper home and assembled it right away. This proved to be relatively easy. All we had to do was connect the pole (which was in three pieces) to the base and we were done. The only other thing we had to do was charge the rechargeable battery; something that took a few hours (I tried to run the sweeper without charging the battery and it only had enough juice to keep the product running for about a minute).

Once the battery was charged, I was ready to go and gave the sweeper quite a workout right away; cleaning up everything from dust (which gathers in a small gap under our kitchen counters) to dry cat food our cat had managed to spill on the floor.

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Right away, I noticed a couple things I liked about this product. First, despite the fact it has a motor that powers the two sweepers, it is pretty quiet. There is still some noise. But, it isn’t as loud as our vacuum so we can use it while the baby is sleeping.

The Swivel Sweeper G2 is also light enough where even our 5-year-old can use it without any great difficulty (she used it in the living room by herself) and the swivel head at the bottom makes cleaning possible in areas our other sweeper and vacuum could not reach.

However, I have to say I was a bit disappointed by the overall cleaning power from this sweeper. The sweeper had no difficulty picking up larger things like the cat food or even a bottle lid that had fallen on the floor. But, surprisingly, when it came to smaller stuff, like a few small strands of paper that were left on the floor from an art project, it would miss them completely. So, even after running the sweeper, I found myself having to pick up quite a bit that was missed.

Also, while it will pick up the larger items, those same items do have a tendency to get stuck in the sweepers and usually have to be removed by hand. It took me about a minute to get that bottle cap out.

The Swivel Sweeper promises hands-free emptying. And, for the most part, that is accurate. But, I found quite a bit that gets picked up doesn’t empty out without some help. So, more likely than not, you are going to get your hands dirty.

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Basically, I feel the Swivel Sweeper G2 is an improvement over our carpet sweeper but is nowhere near as good as our vacuum cleaner when it comes to cleaning stuff up. I’m glad I bought it, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you can find it for about $15-$20 less than I did.