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Review of Nick Swardson’s First Stand-Up Comedy Album “Party”

Nick Swardson, Stand Up Comedy

Most famously known for his parts on “Grandma’s Boy”, “Reno 911” and “Benchwarmers”, Nick Swardson is quickly becoming the hot new celebrity among both teenagers and college students alike. With the release of his first stand up comedy album, simply titled “Party”, you get to indulge in both old and new material that will make you laugh until your stomach hurts.

Starring the talented minds of Andy Samberg, Fred Armisen and the Sklar brothers, the cd starts with “Blackout”, a sketch that has Swardson attempting to find out exactly what his previous night entailed via numerous messages left on his answering machine by assorted friends and family. In listening to said messages he discovers that during the night he not only went to a party, but after consuming way too much alcohol, he had pooped in several sinks and made plans to go to Africa to help build a boat. Continuing on, we learn from his hilarious stand up how to freak out restaurant waiters and the fun you can have in doing so, why it is acceptable to use the terms gay and retarded as adjectives (how else do you describe a fanny pack?), of his desire to have a British child and his love for the television game show Wheel of Fortune along with his excitement for growing old. At the end, the disc concludes with a sketch featuring David Spade (Rules of Engagement) that focuses on the abundant flatulence problem that Spade’s character possesses.

In addition to the 45 minutes of audio humor, also included with the disc are both of Swardson’s Comedy Central specials on a separate DVD. Both are guaranteed to entertain. Although his current popularity is mainly among the younger crowd due to his roles as car bed owning Jeff from “Grandma’s Boy” and skater stalker Hector on “Blades of Glory” this cd/dvd has the power to bridge the gaps and make fans out of a wide range of comedy lovers, although it is not necessarily suited for the younger crowd.

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With producer Adam Sandler of Happy Madison Productions behind it, this album is bound to be a hit. And given it’s five star rating on Amazon.com and it’s growing popularity on the Billboard charts, it appears to be well on it’s way. Party” hit stores on October 23 and currently retails for $12.98. It’s affordable entertainment that will entertain all during this upcoming holiday season. Pick up a copy today to give as a gift or to keep for yourself – or both!