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Finding the perfect handbag can be tough; women go to painstaking lengths to find the perfect fit, and the entire process can take weeks, if not months. From the variety of styles, current models, and colors available, finding the perfect designer handbag is a challenge, albeit a fun one! However, once the decision is made, handbags quickly become a favorite part of the ultimate outfit. With the rise of trendy handbag styles, rotation of designs in every season, and demanding prices for the most coveted styles, it can be difficult to keep up. A handful of online companies have caught onto this trend, and are now offering a slew of rental services for expensive designer handbags.

Fashionistas and handbag lovers can now take part in the benefits of unlimited outfit combinations and choices, at their fingertips. Delivered straight to your door, these designer handbags are available through multiple online rental services. Some of these offer membership programs set up like a subscription; similar to Netflix or Blockbuster DVD rentals, these require a monthly access fee to browse and navigate through the database. Users make their choices and depending on the membership plan, can ‘check out’ 2-4 bags at a time. When they are finished with the event or period of time, they simply return the bag and the next one is shipped out. Shipping costs are included in membership, and extra insurance can be purchased to cover wear and tear beyond general use.

Bag Borrow or Steal (www.bagborroworsteal.com) is a membership/subscription-based service that starts at $9.95 per month. Members are classified as ‘Trendsetter’, ‘Princess’, ‘Diva’, or ‘Couture’ in levels 1-3. This indicates the level and style of handbag available, and different rates and insurance prices apply depending on style. A monthly rental fee is applied to check out unlimited bags in each category. Users have the option to keep the handbag for as long as they like without late fees or additional charges, and new members (3 months or less) can borrow up to three handbags at a time. Beyond three months, up to five handbags can be checked out. With fresh inventory weekly, the site is popular for many top brands including Chanel, Calvin Klein, Coach, and Jimmy Choo.

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Designer handbag rentals by a company called From Bags to Riches (www.frombagstoriches.com) are in high demand. Users can rotate designer handbags as often as they like without a subscription. They do have the option to become members and enlist in the ‘Club Diva’ membership program. From Bags to Riches offers hundreds of designer handbags priced between $45-$100+. Instead of a subscription-based membership, users simply pay a ‘price’ for each stylish selection, and have the ability to choose their rental time period. Members choose their range of ‘check out’ date from 7-30 days, but will incur an additional charge for rentals beyond 7 days. The handbag ships within 1-3 days via DHL, and includes a return shipping label. When the rental period is over, the renter ships the handbag back in its original box, and can then check out their next choice in their ‘Bag Que.’

For $15.95 per month with FromBagsToRiches.com, users can become a ‘Club Diva’ member where they earn additional points for specific bag checkouts (the more trendy or popular, the higher the point value), obtain check out discounts, and get alerts on new inventory and specials. In addition, the program offers ‘My Couture, My Way,’ which enables you to request a specific bag that may not be in inventory. Insurance options are available, and if a renter feels like they’ve found their dream bag, they can choose to purchase it without returning it!

With the rotating trends and styles of designer handbags, there is no longer a need for savvy women to spend their savings on just on just one! Instead, users of handbag rental services can enjoy the freedom of rotating styles, designs, and trends with a subscription or membership. The benefits include the cost-savings, as well as trying out all sorts of styles without making a final purchase. In the instance that a perfect bag is found, these companies extend the option of buying it for life. For many trendsetters and handbag fanatics, an online rental service may just be a great advantage!

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