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Radio Station Guide to Northeast Pennsylvania

Breaking Benjamin, Entertaining Kids, Local Music

When it comes to radio in Northeast Pennsylvania, there truly is something for everyone. From news-talk and classical to mainstream hits and the college underground, variety is evident as one scans through the car stereo. Some stations have been rocking out the area for over 20 years while some are brand new or tweaked.

But it’s not just the music that is big in the area, the personalities are memorable and extremely well-known as well. Names like Doc Medek, Jumpin’ Jeff Walker, Rock and Sue, Frankie in the Morning and Daniels and Webster almost sound like close friends we’ve known for years. In fact, some of the aforementioned personalities left the area for bigger markets, only to return “home.” Mascots like Tookey Bird (KRZ) and Mr. Froggy have been entertaining kids for many years and people have been eagerly awaiting for their birthday to be spun on the KRZ free money birthday wheel or to know the lyrics on Rock 107’s daily Lyric Lad on the Roof.

Ah yes, radio in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton market is alive and well! Let’s scan that dial! And so we don’t show any favoritism, we’ll go in order by frequency.


88.1- WRGN (www.wrgn.com)
Format: Religious

88.5- WRKC (www.kings.edu/wrkc)
Format: College Radio
King’s College radio station WRKC plays college rock and also several talk shows.

89.1 WSFX
Format: College Radio
Luzerne County Community College’s campus radio station.

89.9- WVIA
Format: Public Radio, NPR
Home to popular NPR programming, as well as local programs such as George Graham’s Homegrown Music.

90.7 WCLH
Format: College Radio
Wilkes University’s radio station plays mostly alternative rock, but Mondays have seemingly always been “Metal Mondays.” R&B; and hip hop have also been gaining airplay on the popular college station.

91.5 WVMW

Format: College Radio
Marywood University’s radio station. Many local radio personalities are graduates of this here station.

92.1 Q-FM
Format: 80s and 90s Classic Hits
This station spawned in early 2006 from the former Oldies 92. The station is catered to people who grew up in the 80s and 90s – those who are just starting families now. The station is dubbed “family friendly but songs for you.” While not oldies, it’s not brand new either.

Magic 93
(92.9, WMGS)
Format: Adult Contemporary
Longtime family favorite in NEPA and probably the most listened to at work radio station… known to be heard in doctor’s offices around the area! Frankie Warren in the morning is a longtime staple of this station. This station ranks consistently high in the ratings.

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Junior (93.7, WSJR) “New Country and the Legends”
Format: Country, Classic Country
This station was once a simulcast of Allentown’s Cat Country. Now it’s a local station that counteracts the competition’s popularity by adding country classics to the mix, which seems to work well for a segment of the population. One could say this is more of a “country rebel” station.

97 BHT (97.1, WBHT)
Format: Top 40
Their tagline is NEPA’s #1 Hit Music station and among the younger crowd, they sure are. Jenn and AJ wake up listeners in the morning and are quite popular. They make many appearances, including hosting the weekly Five Day Happy Hour each Friday at local hotspot the Woodlands Inn and Resort.

97.9 X
Format: New Rock
97.9 X came onto the scene strong several years ago and is best known for breaking Breaking Benjamin, who hail from the area. This station is popular with the college crowd, as their on-air promotions lead to – as well as their annual Campus Invasion.

98.5 KRZ
(also on 107.9, WKRF) “Today’s Best Music”
Format: Top 40
This station is the long-time, top rated station in the area, and probably boasts the most well-known, consistent air staff. Rocky and Sue are in the morning, along with their sidekick Psycho Mike. Jumpin’ Jeff Walker is perhaps one of the most popular media personalities locally of all time, and he’s on afternoons. Shadoe Steele who does Saturday Night Live at the Oldies – and probably one of the most knowledgeable music buffs in the world – has been rocking the weekends for years. He bears a striking resemblance to long-time traffic reporter Rusty Fender- who by the way does traffic for all Entercom stations in the market (Froggy 101, EZ 103, 102.3 The Mountain and the WILK network)

99.5 WUSR

Format: College Radio
University of Scranton’s college radio station

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Froggy 101 (101.3 WGGY, also at 95.9, WGGI) “Today’s Best Country”
Format: Hot Country
Wake up with the Doc Show in the morning, followed by Lori, Skeeter, Kelly Green and Jessie Roberts (The Froggy Nightclub) with Bernie Maters rounding out the overnight. Station has all-request lunch hour, and is known to be one of the most active (and creative) promotionally with contests and appearances. This station is all-around one of the top rated in the market,

102.3 The Mountain
“It’s Different Up Here”
Format: Album Rock, Local
This station is probably the most unique in the market. It does not have Djs. It has “Mountain Guides” which are knowledgeable of the both popular rock hits of all time as well as the obscure songs people haven’t ever heard of… or at least in a while. The station also does not have call-in contests or callers on air- instead, all is handled through the Mountain Community at 102themountain.com. The station offers “Rising at 10” where Jim Rising plays an entire album by an artist. On Sunday, there is a three-hour locally-produced blues show and also an hour show of nothing by local music, hosted by a local entertainment writer. The station also plays local music throughout the day, every day. A local band, back to back with Led Zepplin!

EZ 103.1 (WWSH)
Format: Adult Contemporary
This is one of the newer stations in the market. Coupled with the previous listed station, 102.3 The Mountain, these two used to simulcast another easy listening station, which then turned into The Buzz, an all 80s station. Then, the two frequencies broke up, one going back to the AC format and the other, the polar opposite- rock and roll!

103.5 WKAB
Format: Classic Hits
This station is more on the southern end of the market, but still can be included. The station features a weekly local music show, which is quite popular. In fact, this station, 102.3 The Mountain and WVIA-FM all cross-promote each other’s local music shows- a total credit to their dedication to the music… not just he business. This station is quite popular in its local area and plays a good mix of classics.

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The River (104.9, WWDL)
Format: Classic Hits/Top 40
This station is a hodge podge of a station, playing a little bit of everything. It really is a fun station that brings back memories – totally catered toward the 20 and 30-somethings, with most songs being from the 80s and 90s.

Rock 107 (106.9, also on 105.9)
Format: Classic Rock
One of the other consistently top-rated stations in the area, as well as the oldest station in the market. Daniels and Webster have been doing mornings longer than some of their listeners have been alive, in fact! The station does well in NEPA, as do rock concerts. The area just loves to rock, and Rock 107 keeps in coming. While mostly classic, they do play new hits by classic artists as well as some good new rock. The station has an annual birthday bash which brings in a bigger name from rock and roll.

107.7 The Buzzard (WBZR)
Format: Country
A newer station to the area – and independent country station which means a little more variety in the music.


– 630
Format: Sports (ESPN)

750- WQOR “The Station of the Cross”
Format: Catholic

The WILK Network
Format: News/Talk, sometimes sports
The WILK Network is home to the early morning big news with Nancy Kman and Kevin Lynn as well as Bud Brown. After the news, it’s local talk with Sue Henry. The network also airs Rush, Art Bell, Shawn Hannity and other programs.

WICK– 1400 and 1550
Format: Oldies