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Quality Makeup at Cheap Prices

Bobbi Brown, Max Factor, Retail Stores

Most women won’t leave the house without makeup on. And alot of teenagers and women think that they have to have the most expensive makeup on the market to get the best results. This is not always true. There are many makeup products that will have you looking just as beautiful for cheaper prices. Here’s a few products that I’ve tried that I think are magnificent.

Mabelline Colossal Volume Mascara is one of my favorite products. It will have your eyelashes so full of volume and you will look stunning. This item is really cheap and can be found at local drug stores and Wal-Mart’s all over America for around $6.00. The colors come in glam black and classic black.

For those of us who like to give our lips a more filling and plumped look, try the N.Y.C Lippin’ Large Lip Plumper. This is another of my favorite items. It comes in a variety of colors including clear. This product as well can be found in local drug stores and retail stores across America for around $5.00.

When it comes to foundations, it is very hard for us to get a product that we will truly enjoy using. Well, Covergirl has a TruBlend Whip Foundation. TruBlend is so light and silky that you won’t even notice you’re wearing it. In retail stores this sells for around $9.00, but at www.overstockcosmetics.com, you can purchase this for around $4.99.

Eye Shadows are an important part for a womans makeup collection. The Max Factor MAXeye 3 Color Shadow can be applied either wet or dry and is a perfect addition to your makeup collection. Try finding this at www.overstockcosmetics.com for around $4.75.

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Clinique is a well known cosmetics line, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find discount stores on line that offer a good percentage off retail prices. The Clinique Sheer Powder Blush comes well packaged in a beautiful case. This blush wears amazingly well, and will last all day. Check out www.dicount.makeup.com for more information. Prices start at around $13.50.

For a great concealer, try Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer. It comes in a variety of colors including, Almond and Chestnut. This concealer is great to hide your few or many imperfections. It can be found for a discounted price at www.discount.makeup.com.

L’Oreal has a wonderful lip liner called L’Oreal Color Endure Lip Liner. It comes in various colors and can be found in local drug and retail stores such as Wal-Mart. At www.discount.makeup.com it can be purchased at 60% off retail price for $3.99.

Pink Beauty Lash Extravagance Mascara is a must have for women who love plump and elongated eyelashes. It’s applied very smooth and doesn’t wear off. Go to www.discount.makeup.com for more information.

For sparkling and sophisticated eyeliner, OkeyDokey has the right product for you. At www.cherryculture.com it can be purchase for around $1.99. It also comes in five hot, brilliant shades. Be sure to check this product out.

SUGAR cosmetics is one of my new favorite cosmetics line. You have got to try the SUGAR Cosmetics Tint. Not only is it a protector of the sun, but it will also give your skin a bronzed beautiful glow. Check this product out at www.cherryculture.com. And for only $15.00, it’s a must have.