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Pretty Hair Clips Made with Bobby Pins

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Bobby pins are basic hair clips that are designed to hold locks of hair in place. They are not eye catching or stylish, but they can be turned into pretty accessories with a few simple additions. Making hair clips is a fantastic alternative to buying them from a store. They cost far less than even the most basic types, and they are completely unique. They can be personalized to match any outfit, eye color or style. Create pretty hair clips with bobby pins instead of buying them from a store. As the photos show, the results can be more than just pretty. They can be absolutely stunning.

Pretty Floral Clips Made with Bobby Pins

Faux silk flowers are great for more than just filling vases. They can be used to make pretty hair clips for formal as well as casual occasions. Buy bobby pins that will blend in with the hair instead of painted varieties. Select small flower blooms in a color and variety of your choice, and cut them off of the stems. Use strong clear-drying epoxy to attach them to the curved ends of bobby pins. If desired, spray the petals with fine iridescent glitter that will sparkle and shine in the light. Make the flowers even more eye catching and unique by attaching Swarovski crystals to the centers. They will look very pretty when coordinated with spring and summer clothing.

Use Craft Buttons to Make Pretty Hair Clips

When looking for easy ways to design pretty hair clips with bobby pins, search the button aisle at a local craft store. Buttons for crafting come in endless colors, shapes and subjects. They can be used to make pretty hair clips with ordinary bobby pins. Choose flat buttons in colors and styles of your choice, and attach them to the curved ends of the bobby pins using strong clear-drying epoxy. Use just one as the second photo shows, or create a line of buttons. Dozens of pretty hair clips can be made with buttons and bobby pins in just a matter of minutes.

Pretty Layered Hair Clips Made with Bobby Pins and Tulle

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Use tulle fabric to create pretty layered hair clips with bobby pins. Buy two or three colors, and cut the pieces into random shapes or squares. Consult the first photo to see how they can look when finished. Arrange the tulle shapes in a stack with the largest pieces on the bottom. Alternate the corners to create natural petal designs, and sew them together in the center with coordinating thread. Top each pretty tulle bloom with a flat backed gem. Securely tie and/or glue the tulle flowers to the curved ends of the bobby pins. As the photo shows, they really are very pretty. They are ideal for formal occasions or with casual spring and summer wear.

Source: Personal and Professional Crafting Experience