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Panasonic 50″ DLP HDTV Review

Dlp Hdtv, Hdtv Flat Screen Tv

Panasonic has been producing some of the highest quality electronics for many years. While many think that they only produce high-quality cameras, if you have never considered their televisions you are missing out on some of the best products within this industry. Panasonic TVs have the best features, and most importantly, they all actually enhance the quality of the images. The Panasonic 50″ DLP HDTV, Model: PT-50DL54 is one of my favorite DLP televisions on the market because of its size and its features. If you have a smaller living room, you will not feel overwhelmed by this television, but you will still be able to enjoy all of the benefits of having a large screen TV.

If you are searching for a television that will provide you with only razor sharp images that are crisp and full of detail, than you will adore this television. There are numerous features that come with this television, all of which enhance the overall look of the images on the screen. In order to understand how great this television actually is, you need to understand what type of display capabilities this television can handle. While it is understood that there are numerous image technologies that are working within this television, understanding what type of programming you can watch is equally as important. This television can support various types of broadcast formats, which include 720p, 1080i, 480i and 480p (HDTV, SDTV, and EDTV). The aspect ratio is 16:9 as well as 4:3, which you are able to choose between. With the 3D Comb Filter, all of the images on this screen are extremely crisp and will be free from any type of distortion.

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The sound system within this television is quite impressive. There are a total of four speakers pumping out extremely realistic sound. This television has some of the best audio qualities I have heard in quite some time. These four speakers work together to provide you with Virtual Surround Sound, which will flood every corner of your living room with rich, deep sound. The sound system also comes with the audio leveler, which will level out any type of peaks within the sound. You will notice this feature working when you are watching a sitcom, and then a commercial comes on. Normally, commercials are quite louder than the actual show you’re watching (an interesting advertising ploy); however, you will not have to manually adjust the volume, because this Panasonic television does it for you. I definitely recommend this television for all types of television buyers. Visit your local electronics store for current pricing.