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Painting Bathroom Walls: Toilet Dilemma

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When it comes to painting bathroom walls there is always the issue of getting behind that dreaded toilet. There are three options that you have when it comes to painting your bathroom walls with a toilet in the way: Take the toilet off and out (not usually something most folks want to do), just paint as close as you can (not very appealing to the eye), or use the correct tool for the job (much easier way to go).

Painting Bathroom Walls: Toilet Solution

There are some cases where the toilet must come off, but most often that is not the case and the job can be accomplished using the correct tool. Should you have to take the toilet off then consulting with a plumber is always a good idea first. Just remember there is a wax ring underneath the toilet that will need to be replace when the toilet goes back otherwise the toilet will leak. In addition, if the wax ring is not placed correctly the toilet may also leak.

The right tool for getting behind the toilet is the “RollerLite” mini fabric rollers. This roller is very thin and the handles come in varying lengths enabling you to get behind the toilet. Because they are made of a fabric and have different size naps you can match it up to your normal roller that you will be using for the rest of the wall areas. This will keep with the consistency of the texture in the paint from rolling and will blend in seamlessly.

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The rest of the walls can be rolled out with the normal roller that you will be using. Usually a 3/8th inch nap will work best for smooth walls in which the mini fabric roller also comes in 3/8th inch nap. You will see that this mini roller is great for painting areas in the bathroom that a normal 9 inch roller cannot go which will reduce the time needed to brush that area out. In addition, brushes leave brush marks in the paint when it dries so you can see where ares have been brushed out. Since the mini roller can get in these areas they will be more appealing to the eye because it will blend in with the rest of the wall.

Once you use this nifty little tool you will be amazed at how well it performs and just how many uses you can find for it. The cost is like 12 dollars for 10 sleeves and a couple of dollars for the handle making it very affordable. The product is carried by home depot and other large supply store. So, the next time your ready for the interior painting of your bathroom walls you now know how to solve the toilet dilemma!

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