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OPI Nail Lacquer Review

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O.P.I is known for their nail polishes. I’ve heard of this brand for many years but have never actually tried their products until recently. My brother and his wife sent me a little gift and among the things that I got were O.P.I nail lacquer. I got them in four colors, and being me I immediately tried them all out on the first day. I guess sort of like taking the colors out for a test drive. Then I tried each color for a week to see how well the overall product is. The following are my pros and cons to O.P.I Nail Lacquer.

As I mentioned above I tried each color out for a week. A went with a week because usually nail polishes start to chip and peel before then, but if it lasted longer than a week I would know that the quality is better than the average nail polish. The color of O.P.I nail lacquer that I got were, ‘Makes Men Blush,’ ‘She’s Golden,’ ‘Alpine Snow’ and ‘Bubble Bath.’ What I liked about O.P.I nail lacquer was that it came in a variety of colors. O.P.I has one of the most extensive nail colors to choose from that I’ve ever seen. It’s a fairly easy product to find too if you know where to look. O.P.I products are sold in Sephora stores, and most salons.

I thought the price at $9 was moderate. It’s a tad more than the average drugstore nail polish but still not quite as pricey as some of the really high end nail colors that go for about $20. I liked that the handle was thick, and kind of tapered at the top for a good grip. The handle isn’t a slick plastic, which is nice, again because it allows for a better grip. The consistency was thin, but not watery. I wasn’t sure if I would like the thin consistency but I did. It didn’t go on goopy like a lot of thick nail polishes. I found that O.P.I nail lacquers dried pretty quickly too. After wearing it for a week I hadn’t noticed any chipping, peeling or breaking. I also liked that all of O.P.I’s nail lacquer, at least the ones I got, went on very glossy with or without a top coat. After a week my nails were just as nice as the first day I painted them. They definitely lasted at least a week for me.

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The downside to O.P.I’s nail lacquer was that I did noticed some streaking with the light colors. It’s more noticeable when I used more than one coat. Other than the streaking I couldn’t find anything else wrong with O.P.I’s nail lacquer. I was very impressed with the quality. I would definitely be purchasing more of O.P.I’s nail lacquer. I would also recommend this to any woman looking for an affordable, quality nail polish. It’s more than worth spending $9 on.