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Non-Teaching Jobs for Teachers: Alternative Employment for Educators and Education Majors

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Are you burned out from teaching? Are you tired of being a teacher, and want to pursue another career? Do you think that life is too short to deal with the stresses of teaching? Are you just needing a change of scenery? Or, did you just graduate with a degree in education but just don’t want to teach in the classroom?

If so, you’re not alone. In fact, “burned out from teaching”, “tired of teaching”, “sick and tired of teaching”, and “non teaching jobs in education” are commonly searched phrases on Yahoo.

Below are a few non-teaching jobs for teachers. This article is a supplement to “Non Teaching Jobs to Apply for With an Education Degree.” Please click here for some additional non-teaching jobs.

College Dorm Resident Director

If you are single (well, some married couples might apply too) and flexible, this might be a great career choice. Many college campuses need live-in college dorm directors. While some positions do require a master’s degree, most only require a bachelor’s degree. To search openings visit www.higheredjobs.com. (You can also search other college positions as well, that might only require a bachelor’s degree.) Another website to check out is www.studentaffairs.com.

Another idea is to apply for residential life jobs at boarding schools. To find job openings, visit the Association of Boarding Schools website here. You might also check out the Boarding School Review website here, and search for job opportunities on the school’s websites.

Social Services Worker

A second idea is to apply at a social service agency. While they do usually prefer applicants to have degrees in social work or psychology, many agencies welcome potential employees with any type of degrees such as elementary or secondary education. You might browse jobs on the socialservice.com website here. Or, watch your local newspaper for social service jobs. You might even just send your resume to local agencies.

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It is a plus if you have some volunteer experience. If you aren’t planning to make a job change for at least nine months or so, consider volunteering with an agency. Some to consider are CASA, Big Brothers/ Big Sisters, local domestic violence shelters, crisis hotlines and hospice. Google your city’s name and “volunteer” for some ideas.

Restaurant Manager

Some restaurants will hire someone with a bachelor’s degree in any field for their restaurant management program. If you think this is something you’d enjoy doing visit this website here for some opportunities.

Peace Corps Volunteer

This one is, of course, geared toward singles who have the flexibility of moving overseas. You are probably not too old to become a peace corps volunteer, as many retirees have served as peace corps volunteers. You are given an allowance to pay for housing and food, etc. You will also receive a small stipend to help you with returning to the US after your time is finished. To learn more, visit the Peace Corps website here.

Freelance Writer

If you enjoy writing, consider becoming a freelance writer. You might start at websites for novice freelance writers. Read “Freelance Writing Sites for Beginners: Where to Write Articles and Earn Money for It” for some suggestions. You might also take a look at “Freelance Writing Jobs: Where to Find Work as a Freelance Writer.”
This job might require you to do some substitute teaching to supplement your income.

It is also probably not too late to seek further education for a career change. For example, many science teachers have been accepted to pharmacy schools become successful pharmacists. You might also consider pursuing a career in other high-demand fields such as occupational therapy and speech therapy.

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Please also check out “Non Teaching Jobs to Apply for With an Education Degree” for some additional ideas. Good luck with your future endeavors!