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Never Miss An Online Sale with ShopItToMe.Com

If you’re an online bargain hunter with limited time, ShopItToMe.com is for you. The website sets up your own personal shopper to hunt through hundreds of online retailers to find your specified clothing, brands, and sizes when they go on sale. You then get a daily, weekly or biweekly email summary of sale items.

Setting up your profile at ShopItToMe.com is relatively easy. You specify whether you’re interested in men’s, women’s, boy’s or girl’s clothing. Then you specify the apparel items you’re looking for (shirts, pants, shoes, belts, handbags, etc.), brands you like, and your sizes. The site includes a complete option of sizes (including slim, plus and maternity sizes).

Stores and brands tend to be high-end. Personally I wish the personal shopper site would include more midrange stores and brands (for example, Penneys or Kohls, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen in one of my emails). However, there is a nice range of options – everything from Nordstrom and Bloomingdales to Gap, Old Navy and Lands End.

You can specify the frequency – and even the days – on which you receive emails. The personal shopper experts at ShopItToMe.com recommend a Monday and Thursday schedule, but you can choose from daily, weekly, or biweekly. And once you’ve created your profile, you can specify a maximum price for your personal shopper choices as well as a minimum discount (ranging from 20 to 70 percent). I’ve found the pricing preferences helpful in better targeting my profile – especially given the high-end nature of the featured retailers on ShopItToMe.com.

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The email you receive lists items by retailer, shows both the regular and sale price, and includes a link to the item’s page online. There’s also a link at the top to take you directly to the ShopItToMe.com web page so you can easily change your personal shopper preferences. If there are retailers you don’t like, you can set your preferences to remove them from your searches.

And, to keep the emails from becoming overwhelming, ShopItToMe.com has recently added a feature allowing you to “take a break.” You can stop emails for one, two, or three weeks or for one, three, six or nine months. I especially like this feature since it makes it easy to stop emails from cluttering your inbox during times you’re particularly busy or to set up times when you’re most likely to be interested in shopping (at the beginning of a season, perhaps, or near the start of school).

I use the personal shopper recommendations more often to buy clothing for my kids than for myself, and it’s been a long time since I’ve missed a sale at Old Navy or The Children’s Place. All in all, I find ShopItToMe.com to be a great tool. I seldom find myself spending lots of time looking through multiple sites for sales anymore, and when I’m in the mood to buy, there are usually a handful of recommendations that generally hit the mark in terms of my preferences.