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Mother’s Day 2009: Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's Day 2009

All around the world, there are people who cannot celebrate Mother’s Day, with their mothers. Mother’s Day can be difficult for anyone who has a mother who is absent, for one reason or another. This letter is written, especially for them.

Dear Mother,

Happy Mother’s Day!

Wherever you are on this special day in 2009, I want to wish you a happy Mother’s Day and to let you know that I have not forgotten you. I am aware that you may not receive this letter, or have an opportunity to read it.

Regardless, I am taking a moment to write a Mother’s Day letter to you. I want to acknowledge the reality of your love for me and thus I can only write to you, as your child.

I know that you truly loved me. I also know that I am just one of many children, who you loved over the years. Other children have loved you too.

I know that I was truly blessed to be born, as one of your children. I treasure many wonderful memories of you, memories that only a true mother’s child can treasure.

Out of all of the possible mothers in the world, God gave me, you. It was wonderful to know you as my mother, even though it seems now that it was only for a short time.

I recall how good you were to me, as a child. I have such wonderful memories of you, intermingled with my laughter and tears.

You loved life and lived it fully.

We had so much fun together!

I remember you holding me tight, when I needed to be held. You took good care of me, when I was sick. You were there for me, when I felt lost, lonesome or afraid. I often think about how much you always helped me, encouraged me and challenged me.

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You were a kind, loving and caring mother, especially when I needed you the most.

My recollections of you will always be treasured.

I know that you are still there for me even now, as you will always be a mother to me. Even in your absence, we can still walk hand and hand, as a mother and her child, into the bright light of the future.

Perhaps I did not always tell you how much I loved you then. I should have told you that, far more often than I did. I could have shown my love for you, in so many more ways. I did not realize that someday, you might not be there.

I will always hold you dear. That is never going to change regardless of where I am, who I am with or what I am doing.

Mother’s love, the kind of love that you had for me in the past, still have for me now and will always have for me in the future, is something that few children know, but every child should experience in his or her lifetime.

Because of the tenderness of your love, as a mother, I learned about the love that a mother has for her children. Many children never get to know or treasure that kind of mother’s love.

I learned how to love because you showed me your love. I might never have learned that, if you had not been my mother.

Mother’s love for her children is always special. I grew up, knowing that kind of love, as that was how you loved me. I knew that I was loved and would always be loved, no matter where you or I might be.

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You were my friend, as well as my mother.

In faith, we know that we will meet one another in the future, if and when God wills it to be so. I pray that He will hold you close until that time, no matter where you are. I entrust you fully to His care.

Wherever you are as you celebrate Mother’s Day in 2009, just know that I have loved you dearly. I still love you now and will always love you in the future.

Your child.