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Most Popular Baby Names for 2010

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Expecting parents want to know “What are the most popular baby names?” Some parents are looking for classic names that remain or return to most popular list and others are looking for fresh, new ideas. Some new parents want to name their baby a most popular name while others want to make sure that their little Zebreezia is going to be the only Zebreezia in her graduating class.

The most accurate list we have available each year for the most common baby names in the U.S. comes from the Social Security Administration each May with a list of top names for both boys and girls. The 2009 most popular baby names just came out in May 2010 and many are already predicting the most popular 2011 names. Let’s take a look at a few different lists of the top baby name predictions for 2010 and just how these baby names made the lists.

The most popular baby names for 2009 in the U.S. according to the S.S.A.:

The top ten boy’s names were Jacob, Ethan, Michael, Alexander, William, Joshua, Daniel, Madison, Jayden, Noah and Anthony.

The top ten girl’s names were Isabella, Emma, Olivia, Sophia, Ava, Emily, Madison, Abigail, Chloe and Mia.

The 2009 list is considered to be a strong predictor for 2010 most popular baby names. However, it is not surprising that current movies, television, sports and politicians have an influence on parents picking out baby names.

Television temptations:

Sometimes it’s really obvious. With the popularity of the Hannah Montana show, Miley Cyrus music and movies, it’s no surprise that both Miley and Hannah are top 100 names for baby girls.

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Celebrity sensations:

There’s no doubt that celebrities influence our choices in names and but it seems that when you’re hot, you’re hot and when you’re not? No one names their baby after you anymore. Names like Angelina, Jennifer, Lindsay, Paris and Jessica saw an increase but have been losing popularity in recent years.

New celebrity names that are expected to hit the top baby name charts include Jonah, Jonas, Brody, Scarlet, Taylor and Evangeline.

Presidential preferences:

The name Barack moved from 28 in 2008 to 37 in 2009. Who hasn’t heard of Sasha, President and First Lady Obama’s daughter? Sasha shows up as number 16 on popular names for baby girls.

Movie mania:

There is a buzz that the names Max, from the character of the book and new movie “Where the Wild Things Are” and Amelia, from the new movie “Amelia” about Amelia
Earheart will be popular names in 2010.

Athletic admirations:

From Olympic contenders to Super Bowl stars and from the hockey rink to the tennis court, popular athletes are another predictor of popular baby names.

Predicted popular names for boys inspired by athletes are Brady, Colt, Colton, Daniel, Eli and Evan. Predicted popular names for girls inspired by athletes are Bethanie, Melanie, Natalie, Peyton and Serena.


Dillon, Riley, Addison and Jayden are all top 100 names for 2010 that are baby names used for both girls and boys.

We’ll all have to wait until May 2011 to know for sure whether or not parents will actually use these names but according to nameberry.com these are the most searched for names for the first quarter of 2010.

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Popular girl’s names searches:



(If Seraphina sounds familiar, Seraphina Rose is the name of Ben Affleck’s and Jennifer Garner’s newest daughter, baby sister to Violet.)







(There’s the Affleck-Garner connection again perhaps.)



Popular boy’s names searches:












FYI, I totally made up the name in “Zebreezia” in the first paragraph. I wonder if it has a chance of catching on. It’s kind of fresh, like a summer’s breeze or maybe I was thinking of Fabreeze air fresheners.

If you have or were naming a baby boy or baby girl in 2010, what are your favorite baby names?


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