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Middle Name Ideas for Aiden

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Aiden was the most popular baby name of 2009, and is expected to remain quite popular in 2010. If you are thinking about giving your newborn son the name Aiden, you may be wondering what middle names will sound great with it. Here are some middle name ideas for Aiden.

Traditional Middle Names

Almost any baby name will sound great with traditional middle names. Some of the traditional middle names which will sound the best with Aiden include James, Michael, and Joseph. Some other traditional middle names for boys which may be suitable for the name Aiden include David, Matthew, Jonathon, William, Nicholas and Christopher. On a similar note, be sure to consider family names as middle name choices for baby Aiden.

Popular Baby Names

There are a wide variety of baby names which are currently hot or popular at the moment which can make great middle names for Aiden. Jackson, Preston, Taylor, Parker, Logan, Gavin, Alexander, Ethan, Liam, Joshua, and Tyler are all names which can sound great with Aiden. Taking a look at the hot list of currently hot baby names may help you choose a middle name that you like for Aiden.

Irish Baby Names

Aiden is a baby name that has Irish origins. If your last name is Irish, or even if it’s not, a middle name that is also of Irish origins can be a great idea. Middle name suggestions for Aiden that are of Irish origins include Connor, Killian, Sean, Brandon, Finn, Liam, Kyle, Shane, Declan, Kevin, Daniel, Keagan, Patrick, Quinn, and Peyton. All of these are excellent choices if you are looking for a middle name that goes great with Aiden!

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Names Starting With Vowels

One of the great things about giving your baby a first name that starts with a vowel is that it often sounds great with other names that start with vowels. This is especially true if the baby’s last name will start with a vowel. Some great choices for Aiden include Ethan, Allen, Eric, Austin, Alexander, Aaron, Adrian, Anthony, Edward, Elijah, and Edwin.

Middle Names Starting With “J”

When you give your baby boy a name that starts with the letter A, he may be called AJ if you choose a middle name that starts with J. If you like the idea of your son having this nickname, this is a great idea. Otherwise, you will want to stray away from J middle names. Middle name suggestions for those who wouldn’t mind Aiden being called AJ include James, Joseph, Justin, Jason, Joshua, Jackson, Jeremy, Jacob, and Jeffrey.

Other Middle Name Ideas

Not interested in any of the middle names for Aiden mentioned that are mentioned above? No sweat. Other options for middle names include Chase, Cole, Sebastian, Gabriel, Lawrence, Collin, Hunter, Weston, Paul, Bradley, Tyler, and Julian. Simply see what other baby boy names you like and determine whether or not they sound right with Aiden.

When choosing a middle name for Aiden, it is important to keep in mind that you will want to take the last name that your son will have into consideration as well. The last name can really have a big impact on how good any middle name will sound with Aiden.