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Mason Jars – All You Need to Know

Canned Vegetables

When it comes to canning fruits and vegetables, mason jars are always the first thing that comes to mind. If you are anything like me, they also bring back a lot of good memories as well. These versatile jars will seal up anything air tight and keep it fresh for use later in the year.

I can remember as a kid, my grandmother would use mason jars to can everything from green beans to peaches. We would have shelves down in the basement that was filled with canned vegetables or all types. As a kid though, I had my own uses for these cool jars. I would store all kinds of insects or even some of my toys in them!

Mason jars have been around since John Mason invented them back in 1858. Back in those days there was really no type of canning to help preserve foods. At least not as we know it today! Almost every home would use mason jars to can all their foods. They had to or it would spoil.

Do you remember the old blue jars they use to have? The thought process behind them was that the darker colored glass would help preserve the food longer because you would not have much of any light getting through them.

Mason jars come in all sorts of sizes, but the most popular size by far is the quart jar. The lids feature a rubber seal lid that fits in between the jar and the cap. It is the rubber seal on the special lid that gives the mason jars their uniqueness. It is also what makes the contents taste so good many months later. No matter what type of canned vegetables you buy today, you will always have a somewhat tinny taste; not so with anything canned in a jar.

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One thing about the jars that many don’t realize is the fact that once they are open you will need to use a new rubber sealed lid to store them again. Yes, you can put them in the refrigerator for use within a week or so, but if you want to store the remainder for use several months later, you will need a new seal.

These jars also make for excellent storage containers as well. I use them around our house for storing things like nails and screws, arts and crafts items for the kids, and even sewing supplies for when you need them. Their uses are really unlimited. You can find mason jars in any large grocery store or you can even go online and order them by the case.

Another interesting fact about these jars is in their value. If you go to a site such as e-Bay, you will find that many of these old jars sell for a very high price. In fact, some have fetched upwards of $10,000! You may want to look around your basement to see if you have any of them setting in boxes somewhere.

Regardless of what you want to do with mason jars you will not find a better jar anywhere.