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Making Money with Paid to Read (PTR) Sites

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If you’re not familiar with Paid To Read sites, or PTR as they are commonly called, the concept is pretty simple. You sign up for a site they send you emails which contain ads. You get paid for every ad you view.There are lots of PTR sites. They come and go everyday. Some sites are good and pay consistantly. Some sites are bad and don’t pay or shut down without any notice. You just have to take your chances sometimes and test out a site to see what happens.

All PTR sites work basically the same way. They will typically send you 20 to 50 emails a day. The mails are worth anywhere from .001 to five cents per email. When you click on the email you have to stay on the site anywhere from 15 to 60 sconds in order to get paid. You really only earn a few pennies a day but pennies add up right? The more sites you join the more those pennies add up.

It’s best to have a separate email account to receive your emails. Most sites pay through PayPal but there are other payment processors they use as well such as AlertPay or E-gold. Each site has different rules for payment and timeframe for payment. Usually you can request payout when you reach $2 to $5 dollars. Some sites are more, some less but the average is usually $3. Depending on how much a site pays you for each email you can easily reach payout in a week or so. The lower the pay for each email will of course take longer to reach payout.

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The way to really make money with these sites is if you get a lot of referrals. For every person who joins under you, you get a part of their earnings. You may also get a bonus from their sign up as well. If you have a large downline for each of your sites you could easily earn a good little chunk of change each month. Don’t join too many sites. At one point I was up to about 25 sites. I found it very hard to keep up with the thousands of emails in my inbox. Only you can determine how many sites you can handle in an hour or two of clicking. You certainly don’t want to spend your whole day clicking on emails.

Membership in PTR’s are free but you can also pay money to upgrade your account. Upgrades give you additonal benefits such as free refferals and advertising packages. You can use PTR’s for advertising your own products or programs. The advertising rates are low and you get to blast your ad to hundres, maybe thousands of people.

Some people think PTR’s are a waste of time for the little money you earn. Do I think PTR’s are a waste of time? Yes and no. It’s true you don’t make a lot of money from it unless you have a very large downline. Some people do it just do it for fun. If you have plenty of free time and are online a lot anyway, try it and see what happens.