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Kushyfoot Flats to Go – Product Review

Flats, Podiatry

Due to the pinched nerves in both my feet I can no longer wear the fun and sparkly heels I used to love. In fact, I am basically down to about three pairs of shoes in my closet that don’t leave me close to tears by the end of the night. This can make dressing for holidays a bit of a problem. On our way to Christmas Eve dinner at my brother’s house, I popped into the drugstore for a few last minute items. I spotted Kushyfoot Flats To Go in the beauty aisle and decided to give them a try.

These portable black shoes are very thin black flats that fold up inside each other in a clear plastic package. They are available in three different sizes, from size 5-6 to size 9-10. I paid only $9.99 for this portable footwear, which I felt was a very good price. This product is readily available at drugstores and discount department stores that offer an expansive beauty section.

The flats are very thin, which enables them to fold up neatly and efficiently for transporting. The soles of the shoes are rather durable, so they are perfectly appropriately for outside wear. They feature a cute little bow at the toe of the shoe. The makers of this footwear definitely tried to make them attractive enough to wear with a variety of outfits. Even the most dressiest of ensembles won’t miss a beat when these shoes are used to replace a pair of spiked heels.

The first night I wore these shoes, I had them on for approximately six hours. My feet were comfortable and pain free the entire time. There is a padded sole in each shoe which definitely added to my comfort. Despite being on my feet nearly the entire evening, I did not feel one bit of discomfort. My feet were not exceptionally tired by the time the festivities were over, as is often the case after a busy holiday.

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I love that I can take the Kushyfoot Flats To Go with me very easily. The outer package is quite small and fits very conveniently in my handbag. They can be kept in a briefcase, desk drawer or glove compartment. The style of the shoe as well as the packaging makes using this product almost anywhere a breeze.

It should be noted that this portable footwear is cut a bit on the small side. For maximum comfort I would recommend going up one size from normal. While I am technically a size eight in most shoes, I definitely need the largest size in these flats.

I would definitely give this product a full five star rating. I loved the price and the easy availability. The flats are very comfortable and easy to travel with. I would definitely recommend them to gals with podiatry issues as well as ladies who spend a great amount of time in heels. This is one product that definitely lived up to it’s claims.