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How to Wear Red Lipstick

One day my sister came over and asked me my opinion on wearing red lipstick. Then I started thinking about how many women run into that same problem when it comes to red lipstick. This article is going to cover everything from the right shades, to how to wear it and finally what to wear with it.

Right Shade

A good starting point would be to know your right shade. However, if you bought a shade and it doesn’t look right, don’t fret. All makeup artists will tell you that they never use just one shade of red lipstick; they blend a few different shades to get that perfect color. So here’s a good starting point; if you have a light complexion than the blue-based reds or lighter shades are what is best for you. If you’re a medium complexion than cherry or “true” reds are good for you. A dark complexion should wear the plum or blood reds.

When considering the right shade also think about the size and shape of your lips. Dark lipstick actually can make your lips appear thinner. So ladies with full lips can get away with darker shades of red lipstick as well.


Before applying a red lipstick I would highly suggest first filling in your lips with a lip liner because red lipstick tends to bleed very easily. Nothing is more embarrassing than red lipstick on white teeth. Also a lip liner would help to define the lips better before applying the red lipstick.

Rest of your face

Red lipstick is meant to stand out. Red is a very bold color, actually it is the boldest color. So when wearing red, remember, the reason you’re wearing it is to make your lips stand out. The rest of your makeup should be simple If you put too much makeup on you’re going to look either like a clown or just over done.

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Keep in mind that your eyes also need to be very simple. Once again, the reason why your wearing red lipstick is so that your lips stand out, anything else will just make you look like a clown. I would highly recommend sticking to just mascara. You can do an eye liner but I would not go very heavy with it.

Dressing while wearing red lipstick

When choosing to wear red lipstick, also keep in mind what you’re wearing. The first thing is to decide what you’re trying to do. Is the red lipstick something you want to wear as an everyday look or are you looking to turn heads.

If you are looking to wear red lipstick as a show stopper, than I would suggest going simple on your outfit. I usually wear black, white, tan or shades close to that. Jewelry should be simple in color but doesn’t have to be simple in shape or size.

Now if you wish to have that everyday look than my advice is to tie in the red lipstick with what you choose to wear. You can go with a print that has little bits of that red shade in it. However, stay away from anything too dramatic so that you don’t end up over doing it. You could wear a red shirt with a jacket. Keep in mind any red you do wear, make sure it matches your shade of red lipstick.

Nail polish

Finally nails should not clash either. Keep them simple as to not have them stand out also. No one wants to look like their dressing for a Halloween costume.

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A few extra tips

1. If you take a white index card and put a line of the different red lipsticks you have, it’ll show the true color of that red lipstick and its undertones.

2. Take a Q-tip or the tip of your finger, place it in your mouth, shut your mouth and slide it out. It will take off any red lipstick that may have gotten on your teeth.

Red lipstick is classic and can be quite beautiful. Knowing how to wear it and what to with it can be tricky. I hope the information here has been helpful in clearing up a few questions about wearing red lipstick. Remember red is a bold beautiful color and anything red will stand out and look gorgeous.