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How to Thread your eyebrows.

The Thread, Thread

So some of you may have heard about threading some of you may not but basically its a process of removing hair by only using thread. This is a common way to remove the hair for Arabs & Indians. While this might look extremely complicated this is actually really simple, I’m going to do my best in telling you how to do it if you still don’t understand their are lots of videos on youtube about it !

First off :

– your going to need thread, any thread will do your ordinary sewing thread is fine just make sure it is strong and will not break while you are threading.

– Threading will hurt! some think of it as more painful than waxing , some think its the same as tweezers. It shouldn’t be enough to deter you though because the pain only last for about 10 seconds.

Why to Thread?

– threading last weeks , depending on how fast your hair grows at most it’ll last about 4 -5 weeks .

– when you pluck you are removing an individual hair , when you wax you are removing all that is under the wax strip which are usually small, threading removes all hairs in a single line. This will create a really nice arch to your eyebrows because instead of removing like 40 hairs your removing them all at once in a perfect line. This is why Indian/Arab women who do their eyebrows usually have really nice eyebrows ex. Kim kardashian [ i know she’s neither but this is what I’m talking about.

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1- Get a piece of thread about 8-10 inches long. I find the smaller amount you get the better control you have unless you have bigger hands.

2. tie the string in a knot, i do this by

– put the two ends together

– wrap them around your index finger

– use your middle and thumb to slide the thread off ( keep in the same way it was on your finger , it should look like a little ball of thread]

– while holding the thread in the same way take the untangled thread at the top and pull this will create a small but secure knot.

if this is too confusing just tie a knot, but this way is just easier once you learn what to do.

3- hold the thread as a loop so that the thread is around both of your hands. close your hands with your fingers facing opposite of you.

4- Start to wrap the thread by keeping your left hand steady and wrapping the right . You’re looking to achieve a coil in the middle of the thread, which is what removes the thread. It isn’t critical what way you twirl your hand to create the coil but it is believed twirling it to the right makes it less painful. Wrap/ Twirl it around about 4-5 times. If you don’t do it enough you won’t pick up too much , If you do it too much you will lose space for you hands and it will be more difficult to hold the thread while successfully threading.

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5. These are instructions on how you would thread your left eyebrow , when doing your right eyebrow reverse the directions. Once you learn how to do the left and start understanding the technique it should be easy to figure out how to do the right.

-once the thread has the coil and it is still on your hands. Hold the thread in the right hand in the same hand but firm and tight with the left hand make a position with your index fingers almost if you were holding chopsticks , index out pointing upward , thumb pointing downward so that by moving your fingers your making an up down motion , both fingers are either in different directions or touching each other.

-You want the thread to be going in a direction where you the left hand is before the hair needing to be removed and the right hand is past it.

Be careful when doing this , threading will remove the hair , so do not point it upward or the thread will go from your eyebrow to your forehead and take out all the hairs in its path. You want the thread direction to be going downward towards your eye area but stop threading before it gets to your eye area. Stop once you have removed all the desired hairs in that path.

You will probably have to reposition your hands a few times seeing as it is removing all in the path .

6. you may want to apply ice to the area to reduce redness and soreness. Your done! , your eyebrows should be threaded to your desired shape. you can reuse the same thread for the next time your thread but for hygienic reasons it is best you don’t.

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Note: You can thread more than your eyebrows , you can remove any facial hair using the threading technique!