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How to Survive Menstrual Cramps

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Hey ladies, it’s that time of month again, right? Bloating, chocolate cravings, days of not being able to fit into your skinny jeans, and oh yeah, best of all- cramps. Well, double over, and lean in closer to the computer because I’ve got just the remedy to help your period be a little less painful, and a little more bearable.

First of all, before you crouch over, and reach for the aspirin for the fifth time in a row today, why not try reaching for Pamprin. Pamprin is a life saver, guaranteed to relieve even your worst cramping, it can be found at any local drugstore or grocery store. It’s an over the counter drug and is located in the medicine aisle. It comes in a small blue carton, but don’t let the smallness of the box fool you, Pamprin can give you BIG relief from those cramps that just won’t seem to go away. Within a couple of hours of taking Pamprin, your cramps should feel almost non-existent.

However, for those of you whose cramps continue to cause you pain, why not try cuddling up with a traditional favorite home remedy, chicken noodle soup. Chicken noodle soup can be a great aid in helping cramps to lessen or go away. The reason? For many of us, chicken noodle soup is a comfort food, which automatically takes our minds, and therefore our bodies to a state of peace, even if only for a little while. So, during those horrible menstrual cramps, why not grab a spoon, grab a can of chicken noodle soup, and of course a blanket, and get to slurping.

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Of course however, there will be those of us whose bodies won’t cooperate with Pamprin, or chicken noodle soup, but to those few, don’t despair there is still hope! There is nothing more soothing for cramps, than a nice warm heating pad. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Who has time to sit in bed with a heating pad?” And to those people who say that, I would have to say that you’re absolutely right. Many of us don’t have time to lay in bed with heating pads.

We are mothers,wives, career women, students, and athletes. So for those of us whose lives are always on the go, there is a product called “Therma Care Heat Wraps.” These on-the-go heating pads are fabulous because they deliver heat right to the spots that are cramping the most, and no one ever has to know you’re wearing them. You simply stick them against your underwear and go. They’re ultra thin, ultra small, and are guaranteed to deliver up to 8 hrs. of menstrual cramp relief. Amazing right? I know!

So what are you waiting for? Stop letting cramps rule your life. Grab your sweatpants, go to your local drugstore, and pick up a bottle of Pamprin, some chicken noodle soup, and a box of “Therma Care” heat wraps today. So kiss cramps good bye, and kiss freedom hello, but as for those chocolate cravings…well you’ll just have to deal with that.