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How to Submit Poetry Online for Publication

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There are many online and print journals that accept poetry submissions via e-mail, in fact, there are many that prefer e-mail submissions. There are certain rules to follow when submitting via e-mail to any journal. After much trial and error I have finally figured out some of the best ways to submit my work via e-mail, and who to submit it to. Here are some of the things that I have discovered during my own search to be published.

When submitting poetry for publication it is important to pay attention to what the journal you are submitting to is asking for. Does that particular journal publish Haiku, traditional poetry, free verse, etcetera? Knowing these things will help you poetry to make it past the initial screening.

It is also important to be familiar with the kind of works (subject matter) the journal normally publishes. For example, if you are submitting to a journal that publishes religious poetry it is best not to submit a poem about your first kiss. Concentrate on selecting poetry that follows their content tone and subject matter. If the journal doesn’t usually print your kind of poetry, it is probably best to look elsewhere for places to submit. But, don’t give up.

There are a few ways to familiarize yourself with any kind of journal. You can buy the magazine and read it, check it out from a library or bookstore, or in the case of online journals, you can read the archived issues. A little bit of research goes a long way.

Don’t forget to follow the submission guidelines to the letter, and be aware of submission dates. Many journals do not read all year, and only accept submissions for certain months out of the year. Make sure you know your dates!

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When selecting the journal where you want to submit make sure that it is reputable. Never pay to have your poetry published. They should be paying you, if not in money in copies of the journal! Be constantly aware of scam sites such as poetry.com where everyone can be published. Your poetry should be valued highly as a work of art and not listed along side of every person that ever picked up a pen no matter their quality!

Make sure once you have selected a journal for submission that you keep a folder with all the important details regarding your submissions. I generally have on my laptop several folders. One is marked Susan’s Submitted Works, and another marked Susan’s Published Works. Make sure you include specific details about the date you sent your piece to the editor, and the day it was accepted or rejected as well as who accepted it. You may need this information later for biographical information, and you don’t want to accidentally re-submit something that you have already published! Moderate filing of your poetry really helps to keep everything strait!

Journals that Accept Online Submissions:

Tipton Poetry Journal at: http://tiptonpoetryjournal.com/submission.html.

The American Poetry Journal at:http://www.americanpoetryjournal.com/.

Poesia at: http://www.indianbaypress.com/. (I have been published here twice.)

Minnetonka Review: http://www.minnetonkareview.com/submissions.html.

The Cortland Review:http://www.cortlandreview.com/submission_guidelines.php.