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How to Set Up a 10 Gallon Fish Tank

Fish Tanks

One of the most popular fish tanks to buy is a 10 gallon fish tank. The tank is not very big but it’s not a tank which you cannot put any fish in. You can place around 5, two inch fish into this tank. A lot of people will purchase 10 gallon tanks as their first tanks to get the idea of the fish hobby and test it out. If you want to purchase a 10 gallon tank, you can purchase one from your pet store or you can purchase one from Walmart if you would like to. Walmart has very good prices on their fish supplies, often times cheaper than the pet stores.

You will need to purchase a 10 gallon tank which will cost you around $10. It will cost a little bit more to get the hood or glass top and the light for the fish tank. You can purchase set ups at your local pet store. This is one of the cheapest fish tanks that you can purchase. Even a 2 1/2 gallon tank will cost more than a 10 gallon tank somehow. You will then want to purchase a couple bags of rock for your aquarium. You will need at least 2 or 3 bags of rock to decorate your fish tank. The rock comes in a variety of colors such as light and dark blue, light and dark pink, black and fluorescent colors as well.

You now have the fish tank, top and light as well as the substrate or rock. You will now need to purchase a filter system for your fish tank and a bubbler. The filter system will need to be capable of cleaning a 10 gallon fish tank. You can purchase a bubbler pump, air line tubing and an air stone to hook up your bubbler. If your fish will stay at around 75 degrees you will not need to purchase a heater for your fish tank. The water will not get lower than 75 degrees unless you place the tank near windows or vents.

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Now you can pick out some decorations that will fit into your tank. I would suggest purchasing at least 2 or 3 plants. You can purchase fake plants for around $2 a piece. You want to keep about 50% of the tank open, so remember to space out the decorations well. You will probably only need one other decoration if you purchase 2 plants for your 10 gallon fish tank. There are a variety of different decorations that you can buy. When you get everything home you will want to wipe down everything with cold water and a clean rag. Then you can set up your fish tank and fill it with water. Plug in the filter at wait 1 week until you purchase any fish. At this time you will need to change about 20% of the water to make sure the nitrate levels aren’t high.