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How to Set Realistic Writing Goals

Long Term Goals

Setting goals is one of the most effective ways for writers to achieve lasting results from their work. Goals allow writers to remain focused on the actual work of writing while balancing other responsibilities such as other jobs or marketing existing writing. The problem for many writers is the lack of being realistic when setting various writing goals. Setting the goals too low means that there might be missed potential and setting the goals too high might lead to future disappointments.

Being realistic in setting any goal is vital to its eventual success and writing is no exception. The following are some simple tips and suggestions on how to set positive and realistic goals for Internet writing.

Be realistic
Internet writing is much easier than writing for print media because the articles are usually much shorter and often require less editing. This means that article production should be significantly higher than for printed media. There is a temptation for Internet writers to over estimate their ability to produce Internet articles and create goals that are far from realistic.

Create a writing plan
Development of a writing plan can help writers to know what they are capable of and what kind of work they can most easily produce. The idea of a writing plan is to have an organized method of writing articles and developing Internet content. A writing plan is a systematic approach for a writing process that not only accomplishes desired goals but also helps the writer become more prolific.

A writing plan might include a set number of articles to produce or specific word counts. A writer may set a goal of three Internet articles per day or maybe set a goal of 1,200 words per day. No matter what the production goal may be, a writing plan will help flesh out the goals and get the writer on track to meet the goals.

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A writing plan might also include a set schedule for actually doing the work of writing. This could be done by using a time management software or just a simple calendar. The schedule would help keep the writer in a specific frame of mind for the best use of time.

Know personal limitations
One area where Internet writers often fall short is understanding personal limitations. Writing is a passion for many and it can become consuming if people allow it. The problem with Internet writing is that the vast majority of writers have other work responsibilities that must be maintained. Internet writers must be careful to maintain a proper balance between work and writing.

Keep long term goals in mind
One of the best ways to avoid discouragement about short term setbacks is to have long term goals. Long term goals help writers to maintain a big picture perspective about their goals and overcome the short term issues that might otherwise hold them back. Long term goals will also give writers something larger than the current project to focus on.

Develop accountability
Many times writers are solo workers and they can allow time and opportunities to slip away. There are times when writers need to develop a system of accountability beyond the publisher or the client. There need to be ways to establish accountability for the various goals. Writers can do this by asking a family member or a trusted friend to help keep them accountable for their various writing goals. Knowing that someone is going to be checking on progress will help writers to keep moving forward in their work.

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Celebrate successes
Writers need to have ways to celebrate their various successes. This is especially true for Internet writers because there is little fanfare when they produce content. Celebrating successes might be as simple as taking a short break after each article is done or having a special treat once the work of the day is completed. No matter what the goals are writer should be able to celebrate when those goals are accomplished. Reward is a great motivator to push writers along in their work.