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How to Paint Shabby Chic Baby Crib

Shabby Chic, Shabby Chic Decor

I love the look of this simple and sweet pink shabby chic baby crib. The best feature of this shabby chic baby crib is that you can customize any existing baby crib into a personalized baby crib perfect for your vintage nursery.

You can use real wood or plain fake wood Baby Crib for this Shabby Chic Paint Technique. The custom look will come when you choose some paint colors in the shabby chic look, don’t worry though, I will give you some recommendations.

Here is a list of supplies you will need to start making this Pink Shabby Chic Baby Crib:

Paint (2 colors: Snowbound white and Spun Sugar from Sherwin Williams)
Roller paint brushes
a variety of 2″, 3″, or 4″ paintbrushes
Wood stain
Drop clothes
Baby Crib

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The first step is always to sand the surface of your plain Baby Crib.

Now, you should wipe off the dust with a clean dry cloth.

Now, put on a coat of primer. This is a very important step. Your Shabby Chic Paint Technique will not stick properly to any type of surface if you do not primer first.

Tip: Since white paint is the base here, you can substitute the white base paint for two coats of primer!

Tip #2: If you want a country pink Shabby Chic Baby Crib try putting the primer on with one of the 4″ brushes. This is also a great way to get the look of real wood on a laminate crib.

Now, you must allow your primer to dry completely.

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Next, Put on a coat of your base paint. This is of course the white or the second coat off primer. You get to choose.

Let this dry.

Next you need to paint your surface with the pink color you wish it to be. This can also be applied with a brush or a roller to achieve which look you would like.

Don’t be scared to use a left over pastel pink. The Shabby Chic Baby Crib Paint Technique process described next can be used to age it and make it look more Shabby chic in your nursery.

Once your vintage pink shabby chic Baby Crib color has dried you are ready to start to move on.

First, use the sand paper to rough up edges and other areas that you would like to look distressed.

Now, wipe the surface down with a clean dry cloth.

Now, this is the point where you need to use a mixture of ½ wood stain and ½ glaze to darken your piece. This is the main step that will darken and age the shabby chi baby crib. You can always skip this if you like how your crib looks already.

So, you need to first paint and glaze in a plastic container. Use a white rag or another old t-shirt to rub the stain onto the Pink Shabby chic Baby Crib.

Continue this working in even coats covering the entire painted surface of the crib!

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