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How to Make Lingering Diaper Odor Disappear

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Baby powder, baby shampoo, and soft baby clothes all share the unmistakeably delightful scent of little babies.

Diaper odor? No one wants that equally unmistakable scent interfering with the enjoyment of that bundle of joy!

Products have come and gone over the years, but few truly eliminate odor. Many simply try to cover the smell, but are about as effective as spraying your favorite perfume into your garbage can on a hot summer day. Ok, a quick shudder, and let’s shake off that image….

Now return to the sweet baby powder smell we all know and love. Cleansing breath….inhale….exhale….there, better?!

Without a doubt, the best way to freshen the air is to attack the problem of disposing of diapers in the first place.

#1 Parent-tried and tested Best Method:

Regardless of all the methods to attack diaper odor, by far nothing beats the effectiveness of Diaper Genie. The system is by Playtex, and their advertising is actually accurate, “proven best in odor control”. The process individually contains each diaper into its own pouch, and makes disposal simple and easy. No baby shower should take place without a Diaper Genie and supplies being a key investment! Parents can waste a lot of money purchasing products to mask the odors they simply can’t prevent without a Diaper Genie.

The next best thing to owning a Diaper Genie is to have an outdoor garbage can for instant diaper disposal, and that simply isn’t always feasible.

#2 Second Best – More Budget Conscious Method:

For those who aren’t blessed with the Diaper Genie, the next best thing is to individually contain each diaper. Recycle/reuse is so popular now, and grocery stores seem to thrive on passing out the most bags possible per grocery order! Make use of these freebies by stuffing them into one main bag, or stuffing a number of them into an empty tissue dispenser, and using them one at a time to contain each baby diaper. It’s worth the effort to prepare ahead and refill your supply!

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The diaper odor won’t be completely gone using these thin bags, so attach an Arm & Hammer Fridge Freshener in the inside lid of the diaper pail. The new design even has a feature that shows when it needs to be replaced, and it has a wonderful suction cup that makes attaching and replacing simple and easy! They’re also an inexpensive solution for diaper odor.

Now to attack the lingering diaper odor…

1. Invest in an Air Purifier

There are several brands on the market now below $100. and they’re about the size of a small box fan. This is yet another exceptional item to add to a Baby Shower registry, or to request for a group gift. You’ll make far more use of it than to simply remove lingering diaper odor – the air will be amazing. Breathing is easier – it’s hard to believe and sounds a lot like an infomercial until you try it for yourself. The “white noise” emitted is also great for creating a constant sound for baby and muffling outside noises that could startle a light sleeper.

2. Plug-in Air Purifier

Less expensive version of #1 above, you can find a less expensive alternative on pricegrabber.com for less than $20. You will have to replace the filters more often but it’s effective, especially for small spaces.

3. Damp Rid –

Surprising product that does the trick, especially for people who have allergies or sensitivities to air fresheners. With an ultra sensitive nose, you’ll enjoy this product that easily hangs up in a discreet location and absorbs the dampness and airborne allergens – like unpleasant scents – without drying out the air.

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4. Febreeze –

A few short bursts of your favorite scent of Febreeze, and the room swiftly feels fresh! I like to add a small fan to the room where the diaper odor is lingering, to disperse the favorable scent and maximize its effectiveness.

5. ARM & HAMMER® Pet Fresh® Carpet & Room Deodorizer –

Kids and pets do seem to go hand in hand. If you don’t have both, you’ll find that products designed to tackle pet odors are practically magical in dispelling diaper odor. If you have time or opportunity – or a helper! – simply sprinkle Pet Fresh Carpet Deodorizer on the rug in the room where diaper odor lingers. Vacuum. Voila!

6. Yankee Candle Wax Tarts –

There’s nothing so divine as rifling through a canister of favorite scents, lighting a tea light candle, and enjoying a favorite scent wafting through your home. I place mine near the intake vent of my heating and a/c unit, to maximize the fragrance throughout my home. Depending on your particular sensitivities, you may enjoy the Country Linen scent, described on their site “Like a fresh, floral breath of spring air through an open window on a sunny day.

For more info on each product:

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