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How to Find and Land CIA Jobs

Central Intelligence Agency

For those who wish they were working for the CIA, jobs are wide ranging, challenging, and rewarding. Anyone can work for the CIA as an accountant, librarian, psychologist, research scientist, medical officer, or even a mechanic. However, when searching for CIA jobs, the first thing that comes to mind is the special agent. This article will focus on how to develop your resume to fit into this career path.

Finding CIA Jobs as a Special Agent: Education

The vast majority of those working for the CIA have a minimum of a bachelors degree. Although there are no official specifications on degree type, international relations, economics, science or business or any degree that aids you in making critical decisions is helpful. For their international clandestine positions, the CIA jobs require knowledge in a foreign language.

As with most employment opportunities, CIA jobs prefer a GPA of 3.0 or above, but this will usually depend on the demand for the position. The more people applying for the job, the more strict the CIA will be with their GPA requirements.

Finding CIA Jobs as a Special Agent: Experience

To apply to the special agent CIA jobs, one must have at least 5 years experience in a field related to investigation. Being the CIA, they require an excellent track record for those five years of experience. An applicant must hone their skills to be able to absorb large amounts of data, prioritize multiple job demands, and work with others who may come from completely different backgrounds and value systems.

The international clandestine track is more forgiving. Although these particular CIA jobs require a similar educational background (with a heavier emphasis on the foreign languages), they offer the opportunity to work as a trainee with no experience. For a recent college graduate with good grades, you can join as a Professional Trainee. The trainees spend their first 18 months gaining experience by working for the CIA, completing assignments within the headquarters.

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After they have completed this work, they have the opportunity to move to the core collector position. These CIA jobs are the people who are in foreign countries collecting crucial and sensitive information. Unfortunately, there is a maximum age requirement of thirty five, so most interested parties need to be in their twenties. However, after reaching the age of 35, a core collector can transition into one of the other CIA jobs available.

Finding CIA Jobs as a Special Agent: Intangibles

The CIA is one of the most prestigious intelligence agencies in the world. Therefore, they can choose the best of the best to work for them. To be noticed as a candidate, you must show a certain skill set. Being able to think quickly given a short time table and limited information is key. The ability to assimilate and adapt quickly is also an important trait. Excellent performance at previous jobs is a must, and this goes without saying, but you must be drug free. Successfully showing these traits on a resume will give you the best chance of landing these CIA jobs.

Due to their discreet nature, there isn’t a lot of information about CIA jobs out there. However, this article will give any prospective employee a good idea as to what the Central Intelligence Agency looks for in a candidate.