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‘House’ Season 6 Episode 14 ‘Private Lives’

Pretty Face, sjogren's syndrome

The patient in ‘House’ Season 6 Episode 14 ‘Private Lives’ starts to exhibit mysterious bruising about the face and bleeding from the gums, which causes the apartment super to jump to conclusions. She is also a blogger, even more alarming.

Spoilers surely follow.

Our intrepid blogger, Frankie, blogs her illness and the efforts of Team House to diagnose said illness and find a cure, a mixed blessing as it turns out. Stuff in the blog can provide clues as to what ails the blogger, but it also exposes the methods, personalities, and other potentially embarrassing details about House and his team to the universe.

Frankie has also assumed the environmentally conscious, animal rights wacko lifestyle from Hell. This becomes a complication when she has the choice between a new heart valve made from a pig (exploiting animals) and one from plastic (lots of drugs and possible birth defects). Then there is the usual House rapidly announced diseases. She has Sjogren’s syndrome. Nope, she has lymphoma and is going to die. Nope, she has something called Whipple’s Disease and is not going to die.

As usual some of the more interesting parts of ‘House’ ‘Private Lives’ are in the side plots. First, House, Wilson, and Chase go speed dating. House finds frustration because his standards are too exacting; he wants a woman who will sleep with a misanthrope who is not too annoying to him. Wilson finds frustration because every time he announces he is an oncologist the woman is reminded about how Gramma, or Uncle Seymour, or even Fluffy the Cat died slowly and horribly of cancer.

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Chase, however, scores big time but only because of a pretty face. Behind the medical degree and the cute, Aussie accent is just another pretty face.

Then House discovers one of Wilson’s dark secrets. It seems that as a callow college student he consented to play the part of a Forest God in a student film of a coed he was sleeping with. This consisted of prancing about with animal furs and horns, groping and rolling about with scantily clad maidens. It is something that seems to be a better idea when one is 19 than when one is 40.

House, discovering the film, is without mercy. Film posters appear all over the hospital advertising the film and its star. This inspires Wilson to find out one of House’s dark secrets, which is hard because being a man with no shame, House seems not to have any.

It seems that House is reading and concealing the fact that he is reading a book of sermons by a Unitarian minister called ‘Step by Step.’ While House, a confirmed atheist, is intellectually curious enough to read both the Bible and the Koran, this seems strange reading material indeed. Has House’s troubles finally motivated him to try to find the Lord?

Not bloody likely. It seems that the book of sermons was written by House’s biological dad (not the Marine) and House is only trying to find insights into his parentage, seeking a mind like his own. Unfortunately the only thing beneath the “God stuff” is other God stuff.”

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