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History of Led Zeppelin

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When it comes to the history of Led Zeppelin, there really is a lot to talk about. This English rock band was first joined together in 1968. The members of the group were Jimmy Page on guitar, Robert Plant the vocalist, John Paul Jones on the bass guitar and keyboard and John Bonham on the drums. When people think of heavy metal they will usually think of Led Zeppelin as the first group to ever play heavy metal. As you review the history of the group Led Zeppelin you will see how they were able to stick together for well over 25 years. They also hold the record in the Business Book of World Records for the highest attendance at a show.

In the beginning of the Led Zeppelin history they were able to complete a total of eight concert tours. Half of them in the US and Half in the UK. Unlike some artists their second album seem to do even better then their first album. Their third album got mixed reviews do to the different sound that many fans were not used to hearing form Led Zeppelin. What many did not know is that the group did not like to make television appearances, but instead preferred for their fans to see them live and in person. Of course as with any group that quickly rises to the top and becomes successful they quickly got the reputation for having loud parties, and causing problems wherever they went. They seem to leave damage wherever they went. There was also drug use by the band members which would ultimately start them on the downward spiral to the end of Led Zeppelin. Problems definitely seemed to follow the members of Led Zeppelin. In 1975 Robert Plant and his wife were in a car crash that left Robert badly injured. Due to his injuries Led Zeppelin did not do any tours in 1976. In 1977 Karac lost his five year old son to a stomach virus, which caused them to cancel the remainder of their tours for that year.

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Despite the chaos that they caused many of their songs are still heard today in television commercials and radio advertisements. One very popular one is called “Rock and Roll”. In 1974 they branched out and chose to start their own record label, which was called “Swan Son. Unfortunately the record label ended at the same time that their career did. By 1976 there shows become a lot more theatrical.

The group ended in 1980 after the death of John Bonham. As a group they have broken many records, which includes having sold over 300 million albums around the world. In addition every album that they have ever released made it in the Billboard’s top ten list. Just recently on December 10th, 2007 they got together once again in London to play a tribute concert. They even included the son of John Bonham. Led Zeppelin had one of the longest careers that a band can have. Despite the troubles that they faced they made great music. For more information on Led Zeppelin you can visit www.ledzeppelin.com.