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Help for Parents Trying to Collect Child Support in the State of Indiana

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In Indiana, as well as other states, trying to collect child support can be a frustrating and difficult ordeal for both mothers and fathers. Wages of those in Indiana can be garnished, but if the non custodial parent changes jobs and doesn’t submit a voluntary wage assignment, the custodial parent has the frustrating task of trying to collect child support for his or her kids. Parents in Indiana, as well as other states, who are court ordered to pay child support might frequently change jobs, and they are sometimes hard to keep track of – especially if they live out of state. Indiana parents and other parents who rely on child support to maintain a household and buy food and other necessities of life for their kids understand the importance of receiving child support on a regular basis.

Title IV-D Child Support Services in Indiana

If you receive child support through the state of Indiana and are having a difficult time collecting child support from a non custodial parent, there is help for you and your kids. The state of Indiana and the Indiana Child Support Bureau offers a program to help custodial parents collect child support, and the state of Indiana provides a number of effective methods of collecting child support from parents who are court ordered to pay. This state of Indiana child support collection service is known as the IV-D program.

Indiana Parent Locator Service

For Indiana parents who don’t know the whereabouts of a non custodial parent who is court ordered to pay support, there is help available. The Title IV-D Child Support Services program entitles an Indiana applicant to all available resources provided by the State and Federal Parent Locator Service.

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An Indiana applicant attempting to locate an absent parent will be asked to provide any information that may be helpful in locating that parent. Although this program has proven successful in numerous cases in the state of Indiana, signing up for the Parent Locator Service will not guarantee success in locating the missing parent. If the Parent Locator Service is unable to locate the absent parent, the applicant will be informed in writing, and they will be given an additional six months to furnish further information to help the case. After this time, if attempts to locate the absent parent aren’t successful, the parent locator case will be closed.

Indiana Complete Service

Complete service in the state of Indiana includes parent locator services as well as legal services offered by the IV-D office in your county. These services include paternity establishment, enforcement and establishment of court ordered child support obligations, and health insurance obligations ordered by the court.

Child custody and visitation issues are not included in this service in the state of Indiana. In addition, divorce cases, court costs, blood test fees, tax interception fees imposed by the IRS, administrative fees, and witness costs are not included in the services offered in the state of Indiana.

Indiana Tax Refund Intercept Program

Indiana also offers a tax interception program to collect child support arrearage. If the absent parent is $500 or more in arrears in the state of Indiana, a tax refund interception can be implemented. The parent attempting to collect child support through tax refund interception has to provide their county IV-D office with the social security number of the absent parent. Parents in Indiana receiving AFDC for their children will not be able to collect child support through tax interception until the money has been paid back to the state of Indiana in full.

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Indiana Title IV-D Application Cost

In the state of Indiana, the cost of Title IV-D Child Support Services is a one time payment of $25.00, and this money is not refundable no matter the outcome of collection attempts. To find out how to sign up for Title IV-D Child Support Service in Indiana, contact the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney in your county.

If the parent of your children is court ordered to pay child support and isn’t paying support on a regular basis, or if the absent parent is not paying at all, the cost of this child support collection program in the state of Indiana is well worth the price. Indiana IV-D Program employees will do all they can to help those trying to collect child support through the state of Indiana receive that support. Kids in Indiana, as well as kids in other states, deserve to receive regular child support payments, and this outstanding child support collection program will help parents and kids receive child the support money they so desperately need.