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Grooming a Yorkshire Terrier

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Yorkshire terriers are small dogs with big personalities that make great family pets. Yorkies are known for their charm and their vitality, as well as their lovely, silky coats.

As with most dogs, the key to grooming a Yorkshire terrier is consistency and diligence. At a minimum, you should bathe your Yorkshire terrier every two weeks, brush its coat two to three times a week and clean its ears once a week.

Even if you take your Yorkshire terrier to a professional for bathing and grooming, your pet will need regular grooming at home. Follow these grooming tips to keep your Yorkshire terrier looking and feeling its best.

1. If possible, brush your Yorkshire terrier’s coat every day and not less than two or three times a week. Before brushing, check your yorkie’s coat for mats. Mats should be detangled and/or removed before you brush or comb your Yorkshire terrier’s coat or before you bathe it.

2. For best results, your Yorkshire terrier’s coat should be damp when you brush it, so spray it first with a solution of 90% water and 10% dog fur conditioner. This will help to minimize hair breakage and other damage.

3. Be sure to have the right tools for grooming your Yorkshire terrier’s coat, including a bubble-tipped pin brush to remove loose hair and dirt, a comb and a soft-bristle brush.

4. Brush your Yorkshire terrier’s entire coat, including the stomach and paws. Start with the pin brush, then use the comb and finish with the soft bristle brush. Unlike many breeds, the Yorkshire terrier has only one layer of hair, making the brushing and combing process a bit easier.

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5. Trim you Yorkshire terrier’s nails as often as needed, but at least every month or two. Use clippers designed for small dogs or for cats. You’ll find a wide selection of clippers, including some for small dogs, at www.pet-dog-cat-supply-store.com.

6. Bathe your Yorkshire terrier at least every two weeks. Use a gentle shampoo formulated for dogs followed by a conditioner. Look for a moisturizing shampoo that is hypo-allergenic and tearless. After bathing, dry your Yorkshire terrier’s coat with an absorbent towel by patting it or by wrapping your pet in the towel. Don’t rub the coat, which can damage it.

7. Use a blow dryer on low to gently dry your Yorkshire terrier’s coat. You can use your personal dryer or you can buy a hair dryer designed especially for pets, like the hands-free Metro Air Force Flexi Dry dryer at www.drsfostersmith.com. This dryer allows you to comb or brush your Yorkshire terrier while her coat is drying.

8. Although many Yorkshire terrier owners take their pets to a professional for trimming, you can trim your yorkie’s coat yourself. Simplistically, there are two Yorkshire terrier cuts, the short cut (sometimes called the puppy cut) and the long or traditional cut. The short cut is easier to care for and may be more comfortable for your pet in warm weather, while the longer cut shows off your Yorkshire terrier’s trademark silky coat to greater effect. Before you trim your Yorkshire terrier’s coat yourself, get professional advice and/or observe the technique carefully while your dog is being professionally trimmed, since the process can be tricky.

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