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Great Part Time Jobs for Teachers

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Teachers, for the most part, are overworked and underpaid. For many, this means part-time jobs if they can muster the energy. Part-time retail jobs are not as plentiful as they used to be so teachers need to be a bit more creative when looking for after-school work. Here are some ideas they can try.

Tutoring as a part time job is a natural extension of what teachers already do. Teachers who tutor after school and on weekends have to love teaching, but by doing so, it hardly feels like a second job because it is what they already do. Teachers can market themselves as independent tutors or they can work for a major tutoring franchise such as Sylvan, or Huntington. High school teachers who are strong in math and language can find jobs at SAT prep services.

For teachers who aren’t against homeschooling, it might want to be a market for you to look into in your search for a part time job. Homeschooling parents will gladly hire teachers who have a favorite subject matter and are passionate about it. An expert in science, for example can bring biology to life through real life examples, anecdotes, and experiences. A true historian will make the civil war much more colorful. They will hire teachers to work with an individual child, with a family, or with a group of families. The teacher can even plan and set up workshops on specific learning units and subject matter. Teachers who understand the education process from beginning to end can help parents make sure their children are meeting local requirements and is not experiencing any learning gaps. They can also help parents make sure the student’s education plan fits college requirements.

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Teachers can take part time jobs as online educators. There are many online websites that specialize in writing lesson plans and giving one on one instructions to students in the evening. This is a fast growing market so any teacher looking for part time work should research teaching, grading paper, or writing curriculum at online schools as an option.

Not all teachers want to do more of the same for their part time jobs. For teachers who want to do anything but teach after schools, they should look toward their specialties when choosing a part time job. A science teacher might want to work at zoo or museum. A language teacher might want to find work as an interpreter. An English teacher could write web content, or work marketing materials.

While it may not be immediately profitable, teachers should consider part time entrepreneurship. Because teachers schedules are free in the summer and their evenings are very flexible, they will have time to build a business and perhaps become very successful. To start a part time business, teachers can look toward their hobbies and interests for the best fit. Choose something you find relaxing such as cooking, making jewelry, or photography and