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Georgia Virtual Academy: An Alternative to Traditional Public Schools


If you have ever wanted to home school your children and never really thought you would be able to, the Georgia Virtual Academy is a wonderful place to start. The GVA is actually part of the public school system in Georgia and offers a curriculum that can be compared to the Georgia’s honor and gifted programs. This accredited homeschool program is open to any child who resides in the state of Georgia and whose parents wish for them to be home schooled but who also like the stability of the state’s public schools.

The GVA is part of the K12 program, which allows your child to participate in the public school system at home rather than in a traditional classroom. The program is tuition-free and all materials needed for your child are sent to your home, even a computer if your family has need of one. A portion of internet fees are also covered by the program.

Families who want their children to participate in this program should visit www.k12.com/gva/ and sign up using the program’s easy-to-use website. Your child will take placement exams and will be placed on a waiting list pending review from the school. After approval for admission a representative from the school will contact you and inform you of your child’s approved classes.

Once your child is accepted into the program all materials for your child’s grade and classes will be sent via UPS and will arrive well before classes begin. You, as the parent, are needed as the facilitator for the program, but not necessarily needed to teach, although any teaching skills you may have may come in handy when helping your child comprehend the material. Your child will be assigned to a teacher who lives within the vicinity of where you live and this teacher will take part in your student’s progress and will participate in some of the actual teaching, via the internet.

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Some of the curriculum is to be completed online via the program’s website while the remaining portions of the curriculum are completed using the materials sent to your child. Attendance is tracked using the website as well as all progress and work completed by your child. As the facilitator it is your job to send your child’s teacher a portfolio of all written work and other works not completed via the website. Your child’s teacher will give you deadline dates as well as more information regarding these portfolios.

It is imperative that you, as the facilitator, become familiar with your child’s teacher, as this helps with your child’s progress and will also help keep you informed of any changes made to the curriculum or school days. Your teacher will also stay in contact with you via email through the program’s website and will also inform you of when and where all standardized tests are to be held.

The Georgia Virtual Academy is an accredited program through Georgia’s public school system and is a great alternative to the traditional style of learning. At the end of the year your child’s teacher will mail you a copy of your child’s report card as well as all scores for standardized tests taken. If you are wanting to home school your child but are not sure that you can do it on your own, the GVA is a great way to school your child as you want without having to worry about their education. Your child’s future is in great hands through the Georgia Virtual Academy

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