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GE Profile 1.7 Cu Ft Convection Microwave Oven Review

Convection Oven, Ge Profile

We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen. We’ve replaced the refrigerator, dishwasher, stove and now the microwave. We purchased the GE Profile for all of the appliances. This microwave is the GE Profile 1.7 cu. ft. Convection Over the Range Microwave Oven Model # JVM 790SK. It offers 1000 microwave awatts and 1550 convection watts. This model gives you a fast bake which is 25% faster than conventional cooking. You also have the convection option which keeps food flavorful and browns food beautifully. With this model you get a warming oven feature to keep your dishes warm until they are served. This oven will automatically convert any standard recipe temperature to the necessary convection settings so you needn’t guesstimate. This is extremely helpful.

Because we purchased all our appliances at Brandsmart we received rebates. When you purchase two items you get $200 dollars etc, them ore items purchased at one time the bigger the rebate. This rebate covered the installation fee for the dishwasher and left us with an additional $100 on this particular purchase. We’d already purchased the refrigerator and oven in one visit. The warranty offered is a limited one year warranty for parts on the entire appliance (five years on the magnetron tube) and a labor warranty of one year on the entire appliance.

The operation section offers a display on/off, help pad, time cook, time preference,cooking complete reminder, cooktop lighting with a bright/night and off set of options. You get an interior halogen light, four levels of sound volume control, and easy mount installation (hubby was able to install without a hitch), a three speed exhaust fan and a spacemaker. The spacemaker means it has a smaller footprint leaving room for other things like counter and cabinet space. It has an external vent system and stainless steel interior. It has double racks that are adjustable.This is a very sleek, simple design with a nice sized handle as part of the profile design. It cleans up easily with Stainless Steel cleaner that you can purchase in Brandsmart. This comes in a can and it’s called Weimann Stainless Steel Polish and Cleaner. You only need to use this occasionally. The window has a metal shield which allows the cooking to be watched while the microwaves are confined to the oven.

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In a microwave household electricity is converted into high frequency radiowaves causes the water molecules in the food to vibrate producing intense heat which cooks the food. Convection uses a fan to circulate hot air for uniform cooking. When you use the combination fast bake you get alternating microwave and convection heating so you get the speed of the microwave and the browning of the convection method. You can test utensils to see if they are safe to use in this by putting the utensil in the oven with 1 cup of water in it. Microwave for 10 seconds on High. If the dish remains cool it passes the test. For baking you want utensils that are oven safe to 400 degrees. Youalso have a warming feature to keep your foods at serving temperature.

The overall depth of this model is 15 3/8″, overall height 16 7/16″ and width 29 15/16″. The cavity is 21 5/9 x 9 6/15″ x 14 1/4″ . This model has a built in turntable.

When choosing your microwave, convection oven be sure you have your measurements with you to be sure you can install it and have it fit properly. This comes boxed and is easily picked up rather than having to have it delivered. The estimated retail price is $739.00 We paid $558.88 at Brandsmart. Thats isn’t factoring in tax. If you minus the rebate we did very well on the price..

Included in your purchase is a GE Microwave Convection cookbook which comes in very handy It’s 141 pages and chock full of nice recipes and beautiful illustrations. You also get a plastic coated sheet that is the GE Profile Convection Microwave Oven Cooking Guide. This is a quick reference for using your Microwave/Convection oven. It will guide you through the fast bake, micro express and convection bake or roast methods. It illustrates using the turntable and gives you cooking mode charts and cookware tips. For instance combination faast bake will reduce the time it normally takes to heat foods by 15 minutes or more.

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Warning. Do not operate the oven with the door open as this can expose you to harmful microwave energy. IF you see arcing press Clear/Off. DO not use regualr cooking or oven thermometers when microwaving. Do not use poultry pins, gold rimmed dishes or twist ties in the microwave. Do not pop popcorn in the microwave unless its in a special microwave accessory or labelled for microwave use. Do not operate when empty. Pierce the skin of unbroken outer skins to allow steam to escape. DO not microwave closed jars or eggs in etheir shell, they will explode.

This is an attractive model, a great size and it offers all the features you’d want in a microwave convection appliance at a great price.