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Games to Keep Senior Citizens Active

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Senior Citizens need to stay active to stay young and healthy. If a senior has limited use of their body, but their mind is fine they will get depressed from inactivity. Games help senior citizens stay active. Here are some games that senior citizens can play to keep their mind and/or body active.

Games for Senior Citizens

Tic-tac-toe – Tic-tac-toe is a game that will keep a senior’s mind active. Maybe playing a game of tic-tac-toe will sharpen your mind and lift your spirits as well. Playing a game with a senior will also help stimulate their speech. They will talk as they play.

Hang man – Hang man is a great game for memory skills and vocabulary. Playing a game with a senior will help them focus.

Puzzles – Puzzles are great for seniors because it not only helps their mind but their dexterity. Seniors will be using their fine motor skills to put the puzzle pieces in place and this will strengthen some of their arm muscles as well.

Board games – Board games are great for the mind, speech, dexterity, and fine motor skills. Playing board games with seniors will revitalize them. They might not be able to physically do things they enjoy, but they can enjoy your company and a good game. Some board games a senior might enjoy include yahtzee, monopoly, scrabble, and sorry.

Card games – Card games help the mind. The players also need fine motor skills as well. This is important to stay active. Any card game like poker, go fish, or rummy will help.

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Charades – If the senior citizen is still physically capable, play charades. This will work all the muscles, mind, fine motor skills, and may even be fun.

Video Games – If the senior citizen you know is adaptable, he or she might like video games. Let the senior citizen play the video game and learn it by himself or herself. They will enjoy it to the fullest when they can play it with one of their friends at their speed. The senior citizen will not only enjoy the video game, but it is helping with his or her dexterity and eye, hand coordination

Bowling – Bowling is a great game to keep a senior active. If the senior is not capable of standing and bending, you can buy a children’s bowling set and take outside. This helps get everyone fresh air, and works their muscles.

Book games – Puzzle books, word finds, and fill it ins, are really great for seniors. If there is no one around the senior can still do the games without hurting him or her self.

It doesn’t matter what game is used to keep your senior active, just enjoy your time with them and let them stay young. Seniors want to be active even if their bodies will not let them.