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Fun Ways to Announce Your Second Pregnancy

Second Pregnancy

The second time you get pregnant, you’re probably just as excited as when you got pregnant with your first! Your little boy or girl is now going to be a big brother or sister, which makes it even more special and exciting. You want everyone to share in your joy, so here are some creative ways to announce baby number two!

Announcing Your Pregnancy to Family and Friends

Take a picture of your child holding the ultrasound picture. Place it in a frame that says, “We love our Grandparents” and give it as a gift to your parents. Another way to do this is to put in a picture of your child with you standing next to him or her, with just your belly showing in the picture. See how long it takes them to get the message!

If you find out you’re pregnant around a holiday or someone’s birthday, you can announce your second pregnancy through a card. Give a card from the whole family and, at the bottom, sign your family member’s names and include a signature from “the new baby” or “baby (your last name).” You could also give a kids’ card and inside sign “Love, (First Child’s name) and his/ her new little brother or sister” or “Love, Your Two Grandchildren” for the grandparents.

Get a shirt that says “Big Brother” or “Big Sister”. Have your child wear it around people, and wait for them to notice what it says!

Get two matching gender-neutral t-shirts, one in your child’s size and another in newborn size. Have them in a shopping bag, and say, “We found these really cute shirts!” Take out the shirt in your child’s size and show it to everyone. Then take out the newborn sized shirt and say, “I thought it would be cute to have matching shirts!”

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If you want a more casual and quick way to announce baby number two (but a little more creative than just saying, “I’m pregnant!!”), you can try: giving a bouquet of flowers with a card inside announcing the news, asking for a recommendation on good double strollers, or wondering out loud whether you can still use your first child’s old crib/ stroller/ car seat or other baby item.

Make your first child feel special by announcing the pregnancy to him or her first so they can be in on the surprise when you announce your second pregnancy to other family members. An older child might enjoy being the one to make the announcement!

If you want to let your first child make the announcement, try this idea. Gather everyone together for a picture (with your child sitting in on the group picture too). Then have your child say, “I’m going to be a big brother (or sister)!” Snap the picture right afterwards to get everyone’s reactions to the news! Or , you can just be video-taping the whole time.