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Florida Cop Dumps Quadriplegic, 7 Ohio Cops Strip Search Woman

Criminal Behavior, Quadriplegic

Whichever term you prefer to use for police who abuse their authority, overreact or even misjudge, to the average untrained eye it looks like bad cops is appropriate, and that they are increasing in number. Whether or not unlawful behavior among America’s finest is on the rise, missteps are more likely to make the viral video rounds for the public to decide.

With video evidence and armed with technology, how should citizens respond to unethical, if not criminal, behavior from the bad seeds among our vigilant protectors of law and order? Consider these two recent stories:

Story One – (Florida) Policeman Dumps Quadriplegic From Wheelchair Onto Floor

Many police are exonerated, and justifiably so, for what looks like criminal behavior to the public, when video and soundbytes are taken out of context. The following incident, involving four Florida deputies, is not one of those misread examples.

Arrested for a traffic violation, the man in this surveillance video appears to be purposely dumped out of his wheelchair onto the floor. The law-breaking quadriplegic, according to MSNBC, claims that he was “ordered to stand up” and that the police officer did not believe him.

Subsequently, the officer apparently tested the quadriplegic’s legs and the traffic violator appears to land on his face, not his feet.

“Four Cops Suspended for Dumping Man from Wheelchair”
(See resources below for video link)

Story Two – (Stark County, Ohio) “Outrageous Strip Search”, Couple Files Lawsuit

Channel 3 News (WKYC) obtains an exclusive video of a 120lb woman being strip searched by up to seven law enforcement officials, both male and female. The reason may boil down to how she answered a question.

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The story begins with Hope Steffey who is identified as the victim in a 9-1-1 phone call by her cousin.

According to reports, after police arrive, Steffey mistakenly gives an officer the wrong driver’s license. It is that of her diseased sister, one she maintains as a treasured keepsake. Stephie begs for the license back, is denied and allegedly told to “shut up about your dead sister,” by the policeman.

Steffey points to the officer’s pocket and says,”she was here, she was someone,” and the “officer threw her face down on the hood of his patrol car, chipping one of her teeth,” according to the American Chronicle.

Consequently, Stephie is taken to the Stark County Jail.

At one point, the victim-turned-alleged-lawbreaker is asked, “Do you have any weapons or sharp objects? Have you ever thought of harming yourself?” Steffey responds, “Now or Ever?

At this point, deputies knock her down, place her legs in a “pretzel position” and minutes of pleas follow as the deputies try to undress her. They begin to remove her underwear and bra, at which point chilling screams from Steffey ensue.

According to the Channel 3 news report (below), for six hours Stephie is locked in a cell naked.

Additionally, she is said to have had a variety of injuries, received no medical assistance and ultimately wraps herself in toilet paper. Stephie is charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Video “Brutal Ohio police strip search of a woman”

Warning this video is difficult to watch
(See resources below for video link)

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While their is no defense for the cop involved for dumping the paralyzed man out of a wheelchair, the second police station is maintaining a legal defense. Situations such as this make victims think twice about calling the police, regardless.

Good or bad cop? How can we know until it is too late, and how can we respond to our officials who try to minimize what is ultimately a threat to public safety.