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Five Things to Know Before You Modify Your Wii

So you want to modify your Wii? The idea of modifying the Wii sounds great; I mean who wouldn’t want the ability to play “backed-up” games on their Wii? There are a few things you might want to know before you start buying mod chips, though. These simple tips will hopefully save you time and probably a lot of money.

5. First you will want to know the version of Wii you have, this will help you to figure out what Wii mod chips work with your Wii. Believe it or not Nintendo discourages the modification of the Wii and keeps making updates to the consoles as they release them and this can make it harder to modify specific Wii’s that might not be compatible with older Mod Chips. But don’t worry a quick visit to this site (http://nintendo-scene.com/wiitracker/search.php) and you will know your version of Wii you have and then you can look up which mod chips you can use with your Wii.

4. Next you will want to find out what Wii Mod Chips will work with your version of Wii. A good place to check is this Wikipedia article (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Wii_modchips#List_of_modchips) it has some good info on each type of chip and what versions work with what chipset. You will want to compare the chipset that you looked up with the wiitracker link above and find a chip that works with what ever chipset your Wii has.

Then I suggest comparing prices, availability and ease of installation of each chip before selecting one. This could save you a lot of hassle as some chips are very hard to install. Also it’s a good idea to check and see if the Mod Chip has any kind of support network. The Wiikey is one of the best if your Wii is the right chipset I recommend it.

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Once you decide on a mod chip make sure you find a good reliable guide on how to install the chip (I recommend Afterdawn.com and the forums) search and find a guide with detailed instructions.

3. Buy a Tri-wing screwdriver; this will make opening your Wii so much easier and safer. Nintendo made the Wii almost impossible to open without this handy little device and I suggest if you don’t want to mess up your Wii then you will get one of these, they only cost about $3 at most mod chip resellers websites. GET ONE!

2. Find a Wii Mod Chip reseller, there are a plenty of them out there but some don’t ship to the US. I assume for legal reasons, but there are a few that will still sell to the US.



These are a couple of links that should help you in your quest to buy a mod chip for your Wii.

1. Last you will want to know how to back-up games for your Wii so that they are playable once you have modded your Wii. Again the best place to look for info on how to burn games that are playable for little to no money is on the Afterdawn.com forums.


That article is an amazing guide on how to backup Wii games and what you will need in order to do it successfully.

If you have any questions or concerns here is a great site that will give you loads of info.

www.Google.com I hear you can type in your questions and it will use some advanced algorithms and return search results that best match your query.

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