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Fat Foam: Worst Hair Dye in Ten Years

Dyed Hair

The bad experience I had was with a late 2011 version of Fat Foam by Hoyu America Co., Ltd. I had used a product with the same name before without any problems. I should have caught on that this was a new product when I opened the package. Instead of a tube of conditioner, the new product includes foil pockets of Fat Foam Shampoo and Fat Foam Conditioner. The contents of the package are clearly pictured on the back of the package, but I did not notice before I opened it.

New Fat Foam Dries Hair Out

The new late 2011 version of Fat Foam dried my hair out so badly I was worried it would all crack off. My hair is long, down to my waist, so this really upset me. I have been dying my hair these past ten years, so I know what I am doing. I followed the directions. I used a timer. I rinsed until the water came out clear, for about 5 minutes.

New Fat Foam Shampoo Adds Moisture

I used the new shampoo after I had rinsed until the water came down clear. The shampoo must have a moisturizer in it, because it made my hair feel soft again, which was a relief. I rinsed the shampoo out and applied the new foil packet full of conditioner.

New Fat Foam Does Not Rinse Out Easily

I rinsed the same way as I have been rinsing hair dye out of my hair for ten years. I had it under the shower for a good 5 minutes while I moved my head all around and moved my hair around with my hands. The first few times I ever dyed my hair, the towel had dye on it afterward, but never since then, in ten years.

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This new late 2011 version of Fat Foam hair dye left dye on my white towels after TWO five minute rinses. Twice, I thought I was done, got out of the shower and toweled my hair dry. Twice I used a clean towel. Both times the towel had dye on it after I thought I was done and I had to get back in the shower and rinse for another five minutes.

My Hair Was Dry Again After Fat Foam Conditioner Rinsed Out

I meant to leave the new Fat Foam Conditioner in, but the dye had not rinsed out, like I explained above. I had to rinse the conditioner out to get the remaining dye out of my hair. Thank goodness I had some conditioner for dyed hair left over from another product. I put this other conditioner in my hair and left it in. I didn’t even dare to blow dry my hair, for fear it would dry out again and crack and fall off.

Fat Foam, Please Go Back to Your Old Product

If you read this, Hoyu America Co., Ltd, please go back to your old Fat Foam hair dye. I used it three times without problems. It rinsed out fine and did not dry my hair out like this. It covered all my grey and left my hair soft, shiney and manageable. Meanwhile, I will never buy this new Fat Foam hair dye again.