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Easy Fall Decor Ideas

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There’s just something about the warm, inviting colors of fall that makes even the least seasonal-decor inclined among us want to bring a little autumn into our homes. If you’d like to add a touch of the season into your home without going overboard, try a few of these easy fall decor ideas.

1. Make a Scene
A pumpkin, a squash or two and a brightly-colored mum are are all you need to create a fall-scape indoors or out. Just adding a few fall decor elements to your porch, patio or kitchen table is a fool-proof way to bring the season home without worrying that you’re not doing it right. Replace the summer’s faded flowers in planters with mums or pansies indoors and out, alternate potted plants and pumpkins on entry way steps or on a wide interior stairway, stick a colorful scarecrow in the yard — nothing too elaborate.

2. Door Decor
A fall-themed wreath, indoors or out, can create an autumn mood with little fuss. Dress up a grapevine or twig wreath with a brightly-colored ribbon, a centerpiece of Indian corn, or fresh or dried flowers. When it comes to wreaths, it’s all about the scale — a huge wreath will overwhelm a small space, such as small porch, while a smaller wreath will get lost on a door in a room with high-ceilings, or a home with no porch or other enclosure.

3. Farmer’s Market Finds

From pumpkins and brightly-colored squash to Indian corn and apples, your local farmer’s market is a great place to find items to eat and use in your decor. Several ears of Indian corn tied together with twine are a bright alternative to or addition to a wreath, and when displayed in a shallow dish, make a simple, lovely centerpiece. A basket full of apples in the kitchen invite good eating habits and make a decor statement. Scatter a sampler of small pumpkins and squash on a mantle, buffet or dining room table.

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4. Sweet Decor Ideas
Fall wouldn’t be the same without bags of candy corn and other brightly-colored candy on store shelves. Create an instant decor statement and satisfy your sweet tooth by displaying candy corn, swirled hard candies or even gumdrops in fall colors in clear glass vases, or, for a vintage/country look, use clear or blue-green Mason jars. Use your imagination on this one — it’s hard to go wrong with colorful candies in clear containers!

5. Warm Up Your Decor
The cooler autumn months are the perfect time to make your home’s decor softer and warmer. Add colorful quilts or cuddly throws in browns, greens, reds or golds to your living room and bedrooms. Trade out the sheer curtains of summer for heavier drapes in warm colors; not only will drapes block fall and winter’s chill, using warm colors can brighten up your home in months when days are short.

6. Decorate With Scent
If switching up your decor for the season seems like too much of a hassle, or if you want to add a little extra element to your fall decor, decorate for the senses with a candle or scent diffuser in a fall-themed scent, such as apple cider, pumpkin pie, or maple sugar.

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