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Easy Balloon Decorations for Your Wedding

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It used to be that you had to go to a particular store to purchase helium balloons for special occasions. Nowadays, you can rent the helium tanks, and fill the balloons yourself. If you want a beautiful wedding, but simply don’t have a lot of money to spend, fill balloons and create your own fabulous wedding decor!

Balloon decorations can be used for wedding showers, receptions or the actual wedding itself. Round, non-mylar balloons are perfect for most of these projects. Purchase balloons in the colors you need for your wedding theme.You’ll need some large balloons and some small. Select at least two different colors. You’ll use lots of balloons to make everything from aisle decor to arrangements for the ends of pews. Not all balloon projects will require helium.

To create beautiful balloon floor arrangements start with a glass jar. Tie long strings of satin ribbon to each balloon. Each string should be a different length. Place the ribbon ends in the jar and hold the balloons in place. Fill the jar with rice or other heavy objects. Let go of the ribbons. The rice will hold the ribbon ends in the jar.

Spray small brown paper bags with gold paint and allow to dry. Instead, you can use white paper bags. Place tissue paper in the bag and allow it to rise up and out of the top. Place the jar on the center of the tissue paper, in the bottom of the bag. Cover the jar by pulling the tissue paper around it. The “gift bag” arrangement looks beautiful at the ends of each table, standing freely in corners, or even as the main table centerpiece.

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Tape balloons around a doorway in a home or church. The balloons don’t have to be alone. Curl ribbon and tape the pieces between the balloons. Add small flowers and leaves to cover the tied ends of the balloons. Make sure the floral pieces you use will not be stiff enough to pop the balloons. You can even place flags and other items between the balloons. For instance, if you are getting married on the Fourth of July you can place American flags between the balloons. Gently guide the flag stick between the balloons to position them.

Tape a balloon to the tablecloth then surround it with leaves and flowers. The floral arrangement can be real or you can use silk flowers. The floral pieces can be taped in place or can be simply placed around the balloon. Curl ribbon to place amongst the flowers or use other craft supplies to enhance the finished look.

Fill three balloons with just air and weight them. You can tie on a metal nut or glue on a fake jewel or rock. Each balloon should be weighted where it is tied. Set the balloons in a large, clear glass bowl. Fill the remainder of the bowl with confetti, strands of lights, or even wadded foil gift wrap. This balloon centerpiece is very easy and inexpensive. Use smaller balloons to make smaller versions of this craft then set the finished decorations on any table.

Use air-filled white balloons to form a heart shape on a wall. Embellish with flowers and decorative garland that will hide the balloon knots. Curled ribbon and other enhancements will make the balloon heart elegant and noticeable. Use tiny, air-filled balloons to make something similar directly on the tables. Form the heart shape with the tiny balloons and use them to surround a candle. The candle should be tall enough that the flame is well away from the balloons.

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Balloons are inexpensive but can be used to create all sorts of colorful decor for showers, receptions and weddings. Purchase special colors and styles of balloons by visiting a store that features party favors and decor. You’ll love the way the balloons look as decorations and you’ll love that you could save money to use on other things.