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Disneyland Annual Passport: 10 Reasons to Buy


Disneyland is a wonderful, magical, and fun place for everyone of all ages. Whether you are a family, couple, kids, old, or young there is always something to do when you are in the “Happiest Place on earth”. If you love going to Disneyland, you should think about buying an Annual Pass.

A Disneyland Annual Pass offers many benefits throughout the year. If you are wondering if it is worth buying an Annual Pass here are 10 reasons you should have one.

10.) Receive Disneyland “Back Stage Pass Publication” where you get information on different specials and event information

Ever want to know what special events or new things are happening at Disneyland? Well if you are an Annual Pass Holder you can receive the “Back Stage Publication” where you can get all the behind the scenes information on what’s happening at the “Happiest Place on Earth”.

9.) Get Access to Disneyland Passport Website

Want to receive information and special offers about Disneyland online? Well if you are an Annual Passport holder you have special access to the Disneyland Passport website.

8.) Get Discounts at Disneyland and California Adventure Park Restaurants and Shops

Hearing the word discount is a great thing especially when you are at Disneyland. When you are an Annual Passport holder getting a discount is as easy as buying a meal, “literally”. Each discount depends on the item(s) or shops you go to in Disneyland. It also depends on which Annual Passport option you have. Depending on the Passport option you have, you may be able to receive a 10% or 15 % at certain restaurants like the carnation café or almost most of the gift shops. For more information on exact discounts that are given you may also look at the Disneyland Annual Passport website. These discounts are also given when you are in California Adventure Park so the savings do add up.

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Think about it saving $10-20 on food and merchandise every time you go to Disneyland can do wonders.

7.) Get Discounts at Disneyland Hotels

Discounts are also given at some of Disneyland Hotels like Paradise Pier. Discounts may vary depending on stay and room. However, hotel discounts are great especially when you have kids and a big family. It also gives you more to spend on goodies when visiting Disneyland.

6.) Get Discounts in Downtown Disney

Want to eat and shop outside of Disneyland or California adventure, but also want to save while shopping? Having a Annual Passport can give you 10% at select stores and restaurants that are also in Down Town Disney.

5.) Get Access to certain Passport Events

Disneyland offers exclusive events that cater to Annual Passport Holders only. Want to know what events you may be able to get into that others can’t? Then get a Annual Passport and you will receive exclusive event invitations.

4.) Have less stress and more Fun because you save money

Hate waiting in long lines to purchase a ticket for Disneyland? Want to save money every time you go t Disneyland? Getting an Annual Passport can help relieve the stress with both cost and wait time. When you have an annual passport all you have to do is show your card and go right in. You only have to wait in line to purchase your passport one time, and after that you can go in and out of both Disneyland and California Adventure and never have to wait to purchase a ticket again.

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3.) Receive a gift card or free ticket for someone else during Disneyland’s Celebrate Theme

Disneyland’s current theme is Celebrations. Disneyland is currently offering free admission on a person’s Birthday. However, if you are an annual passport holder you get more since you already have admission to the park. Instead, you have a choice of receiving a gift card for the price of admission, or a free ticket for a friend.

2.) Go To Disneyland as many times as you want

When you have an Annual Passport at Disneyland you have the freedom to go as many times as you want and when you want (depending on the passport you purchase). Ever want to go to Disneyland or California Adventure just for a few hours to see the fireworks and go on some rides? With an annual passport you can go as much or as little as you want.

1 .) Enjoy Disneyland, California Adventure, and Downtown Disney to the fullest

An Annual Passport helps you save money, time, and creates a magical experience every time you go back to Disneyland Resort. You do not have the hassle of waiting in lines; can get awesome discounts at stores and restaurants around the resort.

The best thing is after you go 4 o 5 times the Annual Passport pays for itself.

So if you are planning to go to Disneyland or California Adventure more than one time a year, a annual passport is a great investment that will definitely make your trip magical.