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Decoding Your Dog’s Noises

Hound Dogs

For years people have attempted to find out what their dogs’ barking means. This has been the topic of much research and debate and even the experts disagree over what the barks mean. I believe, however, that each dog’s barks are unique. When new mothers hear their babies cry, they know what that baby needs. It differs from child to child and the inflection can vary based on culture and native language. Similarly, each dog learns a dog language. The barks of each dog are unique to that dog just the way that each baby’s cry is different and recognizable to its mother.

The Warning Bark

The warning bark is a noise to notify of intruders and to let the intruders know that they are approaching someone’s territory. The sound varies from breed to breed as hound dogs have more of a howling bark and small dogs are kind of yappy. However, if you listen closely, you will begin to identify the warning bark when the infamous UPS truck drives up or another dog approaches the yard. The warning bark is not necessarily an indication of aggression. It simply says “I am here and this is mine.”

The Playful Bark

The playful bark is the most often heard bark among dogs. It indicates that the dog is bored or wants to play with whatever object it is barking at. It is often accompanied by a wagging tail and is usually a higher sound than the warning bark and also shorter. It conveys great excitement as the animal throws its whole heart into the game it is playing or wants to play.

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The Injured Sound

Regardless of breed, injured dogs all seem to make a similar sound. It is a high pitched almost screaming sound that indicates pain. The length of the sound is directly related to how long the pain occurs. For example, if you step on a dog’s tail it will make the high pitched sound and quickly move, but then stop making the sound. However, if a dog is hit by a car, it will make the high pitched sound for what seems like a long time. It is very distinct and very distressed.

The Howl

Dogs howl. The howl is still largely mysterious. Sometimes dogs seem to howl at nothing while other times they howl to express grief. Additionally, a dog often howls when hearing a siren or an instrument being played. Many people call it singing, but in all reality, the dog howling to certain sounds could very well be related to its hearing. Dogs have sensitive hearing and it only makes sense that certain sounds such as an ambulance, fire truck, or instrument actually bother the dog. It howls to make its discomfort known.

Dogs may develop other barks as well. Some bark when they want to eat while others bark when they want to go out. Since the sounds vary based on training of the dog as well as the breed, it all comes down to paying attention to your dog and learning what he is saying to you. Often, a bark is accompanied by visual cues, but it all comes down to paying attention and making the effort to communicate with your dog.