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Daniela Ruah Eye Different Colors?

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Noticed the Daniela Ruah eye is different colors-or appears to be? Daniela Ruah is growing in popularity from her stint as an actress on the CBS television show NCIS: Los Angeles. Is she inevitably destined for stardom and is this just a launching pad for her career? Fans are always anxious to find out the answer to the question, “what happened to Daniela Ruah’s eye?”

I’ve written another story about the fact that her eye appears to be different colors because of a birthmark. I’m a big fan of the young actress and I believe she’ll eventually be a household name because of her great looks, terrific acting and girl next door qualities.

When you are watching NCIS: Los Angeles, you may notice that the right eye of Daniela Ruah appears to have at least two colors in it. The answer to the question concerning her right eye? It’s just a birth mark.

Daniela Ruah was born with the birth mark in her right eye. So the NCIS: Los Angeles actress is just fine and you aren’t seeing things if you are a big or even casual fan of the CBS show. Many fans of the show have been curious to find out what happened to her eye after following the show for several seasons. In fact, a story I wrote several months ago has been absolutely crushed with page views wondering what happened to her right eye.
I was curious to until I found out. I, probably like you, thought I was seeing things when I first watched the show. While some might consider it distracting, I found it to be quite appealing. First of all, it’s nice to see someone who isn’t an absolutely perfect model playing a role on television. It’s nice to see someone with what some might consider to be a flaw get an opportunity to shine on a major television show.

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It’s a harmless birthmark-and if anything, it might even make the actress more attractive. It certainly hasn’t slowed down the beautiful actress from pursuing her career of choice. In fact, it just might make her one of the most interesting contemporary actresses who have surfaced on national television over the past few years.
She is probably unique regardless of the birthmark because she is a girl next door type who can really act.

People are certainly still intrigued about what happened to her right eye. It’s a normal human instinct when you see something different to try and understand why it is actually different. Daniela Ruah has established the start of such a career despite such questions concerning what happened to her right eye. She must be an incredibly strong young woman to deal with something that others might consider a liability and turn it into an asset. I believe that’s exactly the type of role model Hollywood needs these days. People who aren’t flawless who still thrive in a dog eat dog atmosphere.

The NCIS: Los Angeles star is rising quickly in popularity and my guess is she is no doubt headed for major stardom. Ruah was originally born in Boston before moving to Portugal. She has one of those scene stealing looks that is almost impossible to deny. I could see Ruah getting major roles in mystery, spy and even romance movies on down the line once her contract is up with NCIS: Los Angeles. I am sure at that point everyone will be over the whole question concerning what happened to her right eye. At that point, Ruah will have earned enough loyal fans to support such a move. She’s probably there already.

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She probably could have tossed a pair of colored contact lenses in her eyes to cover it up. Instead, Daniela Ruah chose to go with the unique look and it’s turned out to be a wonderful asset for the already gorgeous actress. My guess is that the sky is the limit for an extremely talented and unique Ruah in the future.