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Club Meadows Bar in East Longmeadow

The Club Meadows bar was located in a good and safe section of the city and even though this bar didn’t look like much both on the outside and the inside this bar is probably the best bar in the general area for quite a few reasons and the main reason would have to be that the environment was just so laidback and fun. The atmosphere was a good one and that of a local neighborhood bar which was just awesome. The staff that worked at this bar was all nice and the bartenders that were working there when I went there were just nice and had welcoming attitudes and made me feel completely comfortable inside of there. The crowd that was there was a mixed crowd of both old and young alike which was awesome. Everybody was rather friendly which added to the laidback feeling of the place.

The drinks at Club Meadows were very good and they didn’t take long to get either thanks to the quickness of the bartender which definitely was a good thing. The mix drinks were pretty awesome and tasted awesome. The drinks at this place weren’t much at all and I only spent around thirty bucks for the whole time I was there which was awesome and cheap if you ask me. The place was packed the three nights I went there but people were friendly so I didn’t mind how busy the place actually was but the place was very packed.

The outside of the bar didn’t look to bad and the brick was a cool color which made the outside of this place decent looking. The brick was this light color which I thought was rather nice. I also thought that the lawn in the front of the bar was nice and kept maintained and it looked good. There was also plenty of parking which made me happy and no matter how busy the place was I was able to find parking. The inside of the bar didn’t look like much and I thought it was actually small inside of there and the place kind of looked run down but the set up was decent. I liked how there were quite a few pool tables shoved off to one side of the bar and the pool tables looked like they were in good condition which was nice. There weren’t many places to sit down at and the actual bar was pretty small and the seats were a little on the uncomfortable side. There were also a live band playing there and they weren’t too good but it was cool that they had live entertainment there and the overall cleanliness of the place wasn’t half bad at all but there really wasn’t much too offer when it came to entertainment at this place but it was a laidback place.

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There was plenty of parking at this bar and the set up was nice and the place was actually quite clean which was nice but there wasn’t many places to sit down at inside of here and the place was packed but the hours were decent but when it came to entertainment this place sucked in that area but overall Club Meadows is a nice little bar that you should pay a visit too.