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Carrie Underwood’s Album Sales Worldwide

Carrie Underwood, Country Music Blogs

Carrie Underwood is the queen of country music according to Billboard and has sold over 15 million albums and 22 million singles worldwide. Fresh off the release of her fourth album “Blown Away” and kicking off her first ever world tour, Carrie Underwood is not just a United States country star! She’s quickly becoming a worldwide superstar. The following is a breakdown of her albums sales by country then internationally.

Some Hearts: 2005
US: 7,214,000
UK: 27,972
CAN: 300,000
WW: 7,556,972

Carnival Ride: 2007
US: 3,263,000
UK: 20,686
CAN: 100,000
WW: 3,398,686

Play On: 2009
US: 2,114,000
UK: 19,688
CAN: 100,000
AUS: 35,000
WW: 2,268,688

Blown Away: 2012
US: 645,000
UK: 9,595
CAN: 100,000
AUS: 15,000
WW: 769,595

Data was collected from Wiki, Billboard and Sony Nashville entertainment.

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