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Braun Impressions Coffee Maker Review

Braun, Carafe

Ease of Use, Performance: 24/25, Look & Feel: 24/25,
Features 23/25, How much I enjoy 23/25

Total: 94/100

Braun is a great shaver company as many men can attest to but they also make some other good products for the kitchen. I have started in on my new area of articles and reviews and my first candidate for the Kitchen Gadgets that work, or don’t is the Braun Impressions Coffee Maker.

The Braun Impressions Design Collection of kitchen products brings a sleek and stylish stainless steel look to your kitchen and the Impressions coffee maker is a great addition to any kitchen or office coffee room. The Braun Impressions Coffee Maker is not only a great coffee maker but it perks the coffee directly into a stainless steel thermal carafe for warm coffee all day long.

My father in law was a farmer and when visiting him several years ago I saw him pour his coffee from the glass carafe to a thermos jug for warm coffee throughout the day. This was a fantastic idea but took years for the companies to start following his wise example of not wasting energy keeping coffee warm for hours. The Impressions coffee maker does exactly this by brewing great coffee directly into a stainless steel thermal carafe for warm coffee all day long.

This is also a great idea for small or large businesses as they will waste time or effort pouring coffee from the coffee maker to a carafe as the Braun does it for you in one easy step. For myself at home it is a great way to have warm coffee all day long, save electricity and never have to worry about leaving the coffee pot on. The Braun Impressions Coffee Maker will automatically shut off after 17 minutes from the start of brewing when you turn it on. It will ensure your coffee is finished brewing and shut down the warmer so that you do not have to worry about the pot being on all night at the office or home.

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I tested out the Braun coffee maker and can attest that the carafe will keep your coffee at a nice temperature after eight or nine hours. I left coffee in it all day long and after nine hours it still came out steaming and warm. The carafe is a vacuum sealed carafe with small rubber feet and a nice pour spout for drip free pouring.

I bought a few really inexpensive coffee makers at local department stores after my old ones died and was very disappointed in how sloppily they poured the coffee out. One spilled coffee so badly I wanted to throw it out right away but would just pour my coffee over the sink. The Braun Impressions carafe pours the coffee in a nice steady stream without any sloppy drips or spilling. You know the kind I am talking about where the coffee goes down the side of the pot and drips down from the bottom. Not the Braun carafe, it pours out directly into your cup, nice and neat, every time.

The Braun Impressions Coffee Maker comes with the coffee maker itself and the stainless steel carafe, a brass basket that fits nicely into the coffee grounds basket, a water filter and filter substitute with an instruction manual. The water filter and water filter substitute is an internal water filter to get rid of possible contaminants for a better cup of coffee. It is recommended to change the filter every two months and the top of the water tank where you pour the water in even has a dial to show when you last changed it or when it should be changed, however you want to keep track of the filter change.

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The body of the coffee maker is mostly black plastic with a nice brushed stainless steel on the basket. The basket can use paper filters but the Braun Impressions does come with a brass filter basket for an easy and environmentally friendly product, no paper filters. The Braun coffee maker is also environmentally friendly by not using power all day long to keep the pot of coffee warm, the carafe will keep your coffee hot for several hours and warm after eight or nine hours.

The coffee filter is easy to use by just inserting it into the spot inside the water tank after letting it soak in some water. You should run a little less than a pot of water through the coffee maker after changing the filter to let it soak up enough water or after letting the coffee maker sit unused for several days. The filter will absorb some water if totally dry and this would make for some strong coffee the first time you use it after being dry. The filter cartridge takes chlorine out of the water and prevents calcium buildup in the coffee maker that reduces the life of the coffee maker and quality of your coffee. There is also a substitute plastic filter that you can use if you do not want to use the water filter cartridge that simply replaces the filter.

The Braun Impressions Thermal Carafe is a nice vacuum sealed carafe that holds ten cups of coffee and will keep it hot for several hours. The lid comes off by twisting it a little clockwise and replaces by turning the other way. The carafe has a nice sized opening for easy cleaning but the thermal carafe is not dishwasher safe.

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I have been using the Braun Impressions for almost a month and am very happy with it, why did it take so long for manufacturers to follow my father in laws idea. I know he didn’t think up the idea but it is a simple way to save a little energy and enjoy a cp of coffee anytime of the day.

For a good coffee maker with a nice stainless steel carafe to keep your coffee warm all day the Impressions Coffee Maker from Braun is great. I highly recommend the Braun Impressions Coffee Maker for a nice looking coffee maker with plenty of useful features.