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Beware of the Filipina Marriage Scam

Filipina marriage scams occur when a woman lures an unsuspecting Western man into her dangerous web with promises of love and devotion. The man who is usually from the United States, United Kingdom, or Australia falls in love with the person the Filipino woman is pretending to be and marries her. Once the deceptive woman gets what she wants out of the marriage she discards her husband. Sometimes the Filipina will trash the husband’s reputation in the process, and if there are children involved the situation becomes even more frightening.

How Do Filipina Women Meet Western Men
A prominent way a woman living in the Philippines will meet a Western man is over the internet. She will post an attractive picture of herself online at various dating and social networking sites. She will quickly tell a man who has shown interest in her how much she loves him and how much she wants to be with him. Sometimes she will be professing love to more than one man at a time. She will appear virtuous and come off as the perfect woman and excellent wife material. Sometimes she will tell of hardships and ask for money before marriage, other times she will wait until she is in the U.S., Australia, or U.K. to begin taking money from her husband. Before continuing with this article it needs to be said that not all women in the Philippines are scammers. Unfortunately it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between an honest woman and a migration scammer until a marriage has taken on a darker component and eventually dissolves.

The Cleaner Scam
The cleaner scam occurs when a Filipina woman marries a man who has the intention of moving to the Philippines to live with her. Usually he will have to return to his home country for a period of time to make arrangements. His Filipina wife convinces him to add her name to all of his bank accounts. After he does this she empties the accounts and he never sees her again.

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Scams to Get Into the States
Many Fililpina women will scam men so that they can move to the U.S., U.K., or Australia where life is better and money is more abundant. Often they will wait until the allotted time after which the husband can not say the marriage is a fraud, and then divorce the man. Sometimes a woman is already married and will ask for her brother or cousin to come live with her and her husband. When this is the case, the “brother” or “cousin” is really her first husband.

The Dump Truck Scam
-Tampo Phase
The dump truck scam is form of marriage fraud that can last for a number of years. A man from the U.S., U.K. or Australia will marry a Filipina woman who has made him fall in love with her with pretty words and verbal caresses. The husband will bring his new wife back to his home country, only to discover she is not the person he thought she was. She will begin to act distant, unhappy, and snappish.

Distracted Phase
In this phase of the scam the filipina wife will stop listening to and being attentive to her husband. She will act distracted when speaking to him, or “doodle” on paper during important conversations. She will ask for money for things she doesn’t need, stop taking care of the house, or doing anything to contribute to the marriage.

Falsely Reporting Abuse
A filipina woman may call the police and say she is being abused by her husband during this phase when she really is not. According to the Mail Order Bride blog, “…female perpetrators of immigration fraud are highly familiar with U.S. Domestic violence laws and understand a false claim of abuse not only insures free legal assistance but also invokes new federal laws prohibiting their removal from the United States . Not only does this harm the reputation and legal status of the accused husband, it takes valuable time and resources away from women who really are being abused.

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-Using Children
Sometimes a filipina woman will have children with her husband while still in the midst of a migration scam. She may do this with her husband’s knowledge or she may trick him into impregnating her. Once children are born it makes it much easier for a marriage scammer to get what she wants. When children are in the home a husband is asked to leave if she cries abuse. She will often file for a restraining order, file for welfare benefits, ask for a divorce for which she will receive free legal aid, and get most if not all of the marital assets. In some cases the father will be cut completely out of the child’s life and the marriage scammer will use legal means to achieve this, even though her husband is a natural born citizen.

Everyone Suffers from Marriage Scams
Marriage scams happen more often than people realize and when a marriage scam is successful a number of people suffer.

One marriage scammer was married to her American husband for years and had three children with him. She cried abuse and ended up getting sole custody of her children and all of the marital assets. The victim of the filipina migration scam was ordered to pay more in child support than he made and was not even allowed to keep enough money to pay for his life sustaining medication. This filipina’s ex-husband is now living in the Philippines with his new wife. The ex-husband is a pastor whose passport was taken from him by the United States Embassy because of the actions of his ex-wife and he cannot return to the United States because of telephone threats on his life made by the police of his hometown. This victim of a migration scam cannot come back to the U.S. to see or protect his kids right now, though he is fighting to change that.

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Another marriage scammer actually married her husband in the United States, though she was only there on a Visa. After the marriage her personality changed completely. After the marriage fall apart the husband found out he was not even legally married to the Filipina woman because she already had a husband in the Philippines. He then found out his “wife” had stolen money from a local V.A. Hospital and was filtering it through an account in his name. The woman was never seen again even though the U.S. government has searched for her for over a decade.

Some women will divorce their husbands as soon as they can legally stay in the United States. Others will exhort large amounts of money before doing so. Some Filipina migration scammers will get their husbands to buy them a house, car, pay for their education, and have babies with them before they toss them aside. In the end the husband is left hurting, kept away from his children, and has to rebuild a life from scratch. More has to be done to stop illegal migration and marriage scams and rules need to be modified and changed. Individual concerned about this issue should write to their local senators and congress representatives and ask for action. If enough voices are raised, someone has to listen.

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